Thursday, February 01, 2007

Writings On The Wall

Yet another difference between Venus and Mars. Should be really part of this post.

Message on Facebook from one girl on my list to another:
WHATS UPPPPPP Girl!!!!! You my shoozie poozie! We missed you last night, chick!!! Wheres our sexy pics of the makeout session lol!!!

PS. Come over tonight!!!! we r all going for the movie!!!!
PSS I LAUUUU U.. *muaaah*

Message on Facebook from one of my guy friends to another:
Yo dumbass!!! When are you going to return my DVDs? The 'boys' are coming over for the Raptors game.. 7 pm.. be there or be square.

PS. Bring food.

And finally, to go down the evolution ladder even further:
(You need to know Urdu)
Abeeey baaaeeeeeeeenchoo** *bleep* kaha margaya tu salaaa...*bleep* kamine *bleep**bleep*
Wanna go for the Legends game on March 3? Woh dono *bleep**bleep* bhi araha hai.

Phew! Had to do some censoring there. Though, to be honest, I have never understood the reason why "oh ye illegitimate child of one who has done action Jackson1 with his sister" is a term of endearment amongst some people!

1 (term "action Jackson" copyrighted by Samosa)


Zehra said...

ok, mezba, i burst out laughing reading that at work while on the phone with one of the clients! good thing he didn't make a big deal out of it but i really should stop reading your blog at work.

mousehunter said...

haha...too funny.

Term of endearment...haha. I can think of a similar english term of endearment, different family member, its not just the desis, society is so corrupt!

mezba said...

Zehra: LOL. Resistance is futile.

Mousehunter: haha "different family member" lol.

Suroor said...

Hahaha! This reminds me of when Aly was learning Urdu!! OK, I'll post about it. So check :D

You are such a funny man! And I love men with a good sense of humour!

Saqi Namah said...

Hey don't forget oddotities like 'Hijabis gone wild'. Here is the description.

WARNING: the lines between fact and fiction have been blurred

This is a group for all you wild hijabis who know how to have fun...
you belong to this group if

1. you wear hijab...'nuff said
2. you love hijabis are a hijabi who can come off as drunk when you're totally sober (afnan, najeah)
4.You take off your hijab at random points and tie it around you waist to show people how to REALLLLY dance (Marwa/Noor)
5. you're not afraid to talk to a guy who says something to you and dont run the other way screaming "HARAAAAM"

By the way folks there is something special about Mezba on the facebook. If could tell you but I am afraid that afterwards he will be flooded with facebook requests. :)

ABCDlaw said...

Ahh Facebook, sometimes I feel that it's the beginning of the decline of civilization *goes checks her facebook account*.

Nowal said...

so what IS the urdu term for guy who does action jackson with his sister? *confused look*

and saqi, do tell me what's so special about mezba on facebook. quite curious.

arafat said...

Poor Nowal...still sooo innocent!

But they spelled it wrong, btw, the bchd word!! Then again, isn't it the most debated spelling ever :-)

mezba said...

Suroor: just checked your "Aly Learns Urdu" post - too good!

And I too love women with a good sense of humour.

Saqi: Now you made me curious. There's something special about me on Facebook? What? what? oooh you are on Facebook - you MUST add me, I will keep you a secret honest! lol

About your Hijabis Gone Wild - haha that's even more funny as it's true! I got one more too - Imams Gone Mad hehe

ABCDLaw: As Ruby said sometime ago, Facebook IS addictive.

Nowal: Ah, meri behen, itna bhola banti ho tum! Then again, I am not the one whose MSN nick is "boys are stupid".

mezba said...

Arafat: Lol, I just cut and pasted - don't even know what the right spelling is! I only learnt what it meant AFTER coming here haha.

Anonymous said...

So, does on say "Action Jackson" in Urdu? To think, just last week my parents were lamenting their offsprings' lack of Urdu-speaking ability...

Baraka said...

Very cute! :)

I just joined FB too - some of the people/groups on there are hilarious.

singlemuslimah said...

Too funny.

Facebook groups are hilarious.

Nowal said...

since we're on the subject, what IS the bangla (and urdu) term for "action jackson"...

and i know now. hmmph. behen chod! and i am trying to BE bholi bhali?! so you're insinuating that I am not. and you wonder why i think boys are stupid.

mezba said...

Ruby: haha check Nowal's comment at the bottom. Now you know!

Baraka: I think I saw you on facebook!

Single Muslimah: My favorite is "Poking Is Haram".

Nowal: Aha! I got you to admit you know the word! And you though boys were stupid *sneer*

As for the Bengali word, translate each of those two words into Bengali and you got it.

saqi namah said...

Well its not that special. Mezba is the only guy with this name on the face book. (Mezbah does not count)

>> you MUST add me, I will keep you a >> secret honest! lol
Well I found you so you should find me also and then we can add each other. hehe.

Nowal said...

so mezba, who IS saqi? I vow to keep it a secret *crossing my heart*.

and do read again SIR mezba (I personally think Suroor was somewhat hasty in knighting you). I said, I know NOW. I have friends who tell me such stuff instead of poking at me with hollow insults.

saqi namah said...

>>so mezba, who IS saqi? I vow to
keep it a secret *crossing my heart*.

I believe Mezba is as clueless as you are. We donno one another IRL. :)

mezba said...

Saqi: thanx for the clarification. Me too, I have not met too many Mezbas. Now Misbah... that's another story.

Nowal: See comment below.

OHO... Suroor was hasty eh... No, I think I prefer Suroor's knighting of me to your ignoring me. *make face*