Sunday, October 18, 2020

Nova Scotia Fishery Dispute Explained In A Minute


What is happening in Nova Scotia ? Important for us to know as Canadians.
  1. 21 years ago the Supreme Court of Canada ruled that the Mi'kmaw nation has a right to earn a "moderate livelihood" from fishing. The court later said the federal government could regulate the Mi'kmaw fishery but must justify any restrictions it placed on it.
  2. Sipekne'katik First Nation launched a "moderate livelihood fishery" last month. Mi'kmaw fishers were storing their catches at their facilities in this fishery.
  3. Many commercial lobster fishermen say they consider the new Sipekne'katik fishery in St. Marys Bay illegal and worry that catching lobster outside the mandated season, particularly during the summer spawning period, will negatively impact stocks.
  4. A "suspicious" fire has now destroyed the lobster facility.
  5. This case has pitted Indigenous and First Nation rights against regulations of fishing abided by others, and has sparked a lot of tension in the community in Nova Scotia.

Saturday, October 17, 2020

The French Connection and its Inferiority Complex

 Let us talk about France. This is a country that is at war with its own citizens who are Muslim. Previously, this same "secular" mindset was at war with Christianity, a fact they conveniently ignore.

  1. The French Revolution at the end of the 18th century involved the mass murder of the Christian clergy and the destruction and desecration of tens of thousands of churches. 30,000 Catholic priests were exiled. 17,000 official executions were conducted and hundreds of thousands more killed due to revolts and unrecorded murders. All in the name of "freedom and secularism" that till today continues to be celebrated (Bastille Day).
  2. In1830, France invaded and colonized Algeria. They killed between 500,000 to 1 million Muslims, out of a total population of 3 million. 1 out of 3 Muslims were killed in a deliberate program of extermination that numerous historians have documented.
  3. Today, France continues its war on its own Muslim citizens. I am not even going into the racism (the Hijab laws), the discrimination (in jobs, in residences, in opportunities for advancement) that exists in France. Imagine the PM of the country openly mocking your religion and saying you are a fifth column. A national newspaper making fun of your religion in the name of freedom of speech (that somehow doesn't apply to their own icons).
This is France today. This is where a teacher feels it's perfectly fine to tell a group of children "Here, I am going to show you some cartoons of the person you hold holy".
Yes, I condemn his killing, but I also condemn France in general. And France has the bigger share of the blame.