Wednesday, February 28, 2007

My Friends Really Like Me

My friend T messages me at work.

"Hey, you are going to be on stage at the BSA show this year?"

"Yes," I reply.

"How long is your part?"

"Well, let's see." I answer, full of pompousness. "There is the small role in the fashion show, so let's say 2.5 minutes there. Then there's the 20 minute play where I am there for half the time, and again near the end, so say 11 minutes. And finally, the Disco Mollah #2, which you can put down for 1.5 minutes."

"OK." T goes offline.

A few minutes later, T signs back.

"Hey, Mezba, I just realized one thing."


"I just added up all your minutes on stage, and it tallies up to fifteen. So you will literally get your 15 MINUTES of fame at the show!"


Athena said...

Are you ready for the natok yet? :S I am so not going to be ready this Friday :P.


'liya said...

Break a leg! (that's what you're supposed to say right?!) :)

Anonymous said...

told you T was cute!

Recovering D said...

So will this show be on YouTube? Please please put it on there, think of it as extending your 15 minutes :)

Anonymous said...

Well I know exactly why your friends like you so much.

You are impossible not to love Mezba!

Aunty Samosa
(Even though we're the same age!)

Anonymous said...

Wow! 15 minutes,hehehe. So,are you going to post it on Youtube??? I really would like to see the disco (dancing)mullah. :) sf

Anonymous said...

lol...some people are a bit slow..:)

anyways, i wanted to share this news with you about a court ruling in dubai!!!

You will laugh your head off!!

mezba said...

No SH: I am so not ready, haven't yet memorized my parts. Allah jaan-e ki hobe in 3 weeks! Don't let F hear that though!

Liya: Isn't that a dancing term? I can't dance though, so will probably "break a leg" when I do that! lol

Nowal: Please do not talk about other cute guys on MY blog.

ABCDLaw: Will think of the Youtube. I am not video taping the show but someone will.

Samosa: Well, if you are my aunty that makes you my mehrem so we can hang out together then!

Sf: the disco mullah part is now being rethought. People have such thin skins you know!

Shoab: I am surprised she got it.

Anonymous said...

Completely irrelevant, but just giving you my opinion about "marriage" issue. OKay, not mine, but kind of totally speaks for me.
Check this link out here:

Really well written, and if I were to tell/write about why sisters have more difficulty finding a good man, this would be exactly so.

Anonymous said...

@Sabrina : truly touching and a factual story. I hope we can all be proud and stand up to make a difference in the world we live in today!!!

mezba said...

Sabrina: Will check it out. I am overdue on a marriage post anyways.

Shoaib: true.