Monday, July 16, 2018

In Favour of the PC Sex Education Curriculum Move

I actually don't mind the PCs reverting the sex education back to 1998. This is because:

 1. It fits in with what the majority of the voters want. Initially when brought in 2015, only 50% of the voters had a favourable view of it, and equal number was opposed. The opposition has only grown.

As per Globe and Mail, 50% of Ontario opposed the new curriculum. Given that Raymond Cho won a bielection in Scarborough with PC party promising to change it, and then Ford won the main election promising to change it, you can assume that more and more people are opposed to the new curriculum. We cannot just say ALL of Ontario are fools who are misinformed. People in general do not like the new curriculum and think it is too far out left.

2. I don't mind them teaching about consent and being aware of consent. No one should abuse anyone, especially a minor. Kids need to be taught these boundaries and to report any untoward behaviour. This needs to be kept in any new curriculum.

3. I don't think kids need to learn about gender fluidity at grade 4. At grade 4 you are pretty sure you are a boy or a girl. You don't even question it. Gender fluidity is more of a modern concept - a bit of social engineering from Wynn. Kids should go to school and learn math and science, and not come home thinking am I a boy or a girl.

4. Ditto about masturbation. Why does a grade 5 need to know about this? Maybe at grade 8 or 9. And even then, our society teaches us masturbation is healthy, and there is no warning given in the sex ed curriculum about the dangers of pornography. Grade 6 students being taught that “exploring one’s body by touching or masturbating is something that many people do and find pleasurable” is absolutely horrendous to teach at that age. Let parents be the judge of when the kid is ready and teach accordingly. And any curriculum that does not preach about the evils of pornography is catering to only one side of the issue.

5. Our sex ed curriculum comes from the view that any sex is good - here is how to do it safely. Whereas the moral point of view that sex should be with your married spouse whom you love is not taught because that is "too religious" and better left to parents. Why? If one view can be taught, why not other? i.e. Abstinence? That is after all being COMPLETELY safe.

6. The previous government says parents were consulted. When? Where? I don't remember any school notices or circulars given out widely when McGuilty first introduced (and then backtracked) and then when Wynn imposed her social engineering views on us.

The government has to be more transparent. When the majority of the province's parents oppose it - that means the parents they chose can NOT be the proper sample.

7. In Grade 1 (that's 6 year old kids) they wanted to teach body parts openly in the class. What is the need for that? This is better for later grades.

I agree there was SOME good in the 2015 curriculum. Sexting, gender based violence, consent, homosexuality was addressed. Those need to be re included in any new changes. But the 1998 one isn't so bad as people are making it out to be. We are a conservative society. Let us not try to use government to do sexual social engineering at a grand level.

Friday, July 13, 2018

World Cup 2018 - Final Predictions

And then there were two.

Well, in fact there's still four. But Belgium and England are going to play in a meaningless 3/4 place match. Ironically when they first played their group match, it was almost meaningless, and now they are in the bronze medal game, it's the same. Except this time we might get to see their first choice teams battle it out. After my semi final thoughts, I have reached the final maintaining my 100% record of not being 100% in my predictions, so here are my crystal ball musings for the final games.

Belgium vs. England (3/4 place)
Winner: Belgium

I really wanted England to win against Croatia. And they almost did. But suddenly after the equalizer, it seemed as if they just switched off and it was back to 2014 Euro. They just did not have any organization. Kind of how Bangladesh has managed to turn the clock back to the 2000s in their recent campaign in West Indies.

What I said in the semi final still holds.

What England lacks as opposed to France is quality. They have one or two good players but nowhere the quality of France or Belgium.

Sometimes the team that is worse comes out winner in the 3/4 game as the other, better team is so dejected at not playing in the final. But I expect Belgium to be fully focused in the game and make England pay.

France vs. Croatia
Winner: France

I fully expect France to lift the World Cup trophy on Sunday. Their team has just gotten better and better as the tournament progressed. In the semi final game, at the beginning Belgium was ALL OVER France but then France just turned it up a notch and bossed the game. You have to kill off the game when you have your chances, and both losing semi finalists didn't do it. France just gets better as the game goes on, just like Croatia, but their reserves are a better quality. They have the perfect blend of youth, experience, talent, and luck. And they would want to make up for losing the Euro final at home two years ago.

Having said all of this, even if Croatia manages to pull an upset, it will be richly deserved. Croatia was involved in some of the best games this World Cup and I hope the final continues that trend.

Wednesday, July 11, 2018

My Problem with the #metoo Movement

Let me just say straight off the bat that I am not an ardent feminist. Too often feminism today is used as a cudgel to spread hatred against men, organized religion and the clergy, as well as promote rampant deviant sexual behaviour and norms. I am a feminist when it comes to equal pay for equal work, equal legal rights under a secular legal system, and a workplace free from unwanted sexual harassment. However, too often nowadays feminism is much broader than that, and encompasses such radical ideas (such as #SlutWalk or female imams for mixed congregations) that it is impossible to say "I am a feminist". Especially when they provide blanket support to the #meToo movement.

Now the #meToo movment has had a lot of positive impact. It's hard to deny that sexual harassment occurs, and has occurred, especially in  highly competitive industries such as entertainment, media and politics. While harassment by definition targets both genders (such as the famous Kevin Spacey case), the overwhelming number of times it is the male perpetrator against a female victim. The #meToo movement has brought out these cases in the public and made it easy for women to report such advances, as well as brought on awareness. That is a good thing.

However, there are serious problems.

1. All women who allege harassment are speaking the truth and their allegations are to be believed.

There is a concentrated effort to say that ANY women who alleges certain harassment allegations is speaking the truth (because why would women lie) and therefore MUST be believed. Why would a woman come out with these "troubling incidents" if it wasn't true? Pardon my French, but what sort of legalized weed are you smoking?

The best example of this nonsense was during the celebrated Jian Ghomeshi trial. Even though Ghomeshi was legally charged and then legally acquitted of ALL five charges, rabid feminists still insisted that we MUST believe the women who came out with claims of non-consensual sex against him. EVEN though the court of the land found him not guilty. Even though the defense lawyer was able to prove inconsistencies in the witness's statements. Even though there were records of the alleged "victim" saying she loved what was done to her, after the incident. In an ironic twist, these same radical feminists turned on his lawyer Marie Henein - a female - for daring to take on the case and defend her client. You know, doing her job. Apparently the right to choose only goes so far.

Women lie. Women can lie. Take the case of Patrick Brown. The poor guy was all set to become the Premier of Ontario when two unproven allegations derailed his career overnight. His own political party, besotted with lust for power, turfed him. Then it turned out one of those cases had a glaring dishonesty, and now the whole thing is in front of the courts.

No one should be immediately believed when they bring forth a case of sexual allegation. Rather, everyone is presumed innocent until proven guilty. The burden of proof is, and should always remain, on the accuser.

2. A woman should be able to remain anonymous when she makes the accusation.

Take the case of Aziz Ansari (and more on that in the third point). I am no fan of Aziz Ansari. I don't find him funny, I don't find him relevant and I hardly watch any of his shows. I also hate the fact that he is presented as a "true good liberal Muslim" and anyone who is not like him is a fundamental extremist. Anyone who drinks alcohol, has premarital sex, and presents those things as proper and not Islamic cannot be a good Muslim.

Yet, his career threatened to unravel when someone (called "Grace") wrote an article, anonymously, accusing him of sexual harassment. Almost overnight he was embroiled in the scandal and lucky for him it unraveled quickly enough. But again, you say that the accuser should be known so the accused can publicly defend himself (or herself), and then you will be accused of "victim shaming". Whatever that means.

I understand there is sometimes reasons for concealing the name of the accused, especially if the person being accused is in a position of power. However, this is only in case of an investigation (either from work's HR or from the legal prosecution). After the investigation is over and a charge is made, the name of the accuser and the accused should be a matter for public record. There should be no trial by media. Which brings me to my final point.

3. A bad choice by a woman is not a sexual harassment.

If you consented to it, without there being pressure of losing your job or life or something similar, it cannot be sexual harassment. Take the same Aziz Ansari case. It was a first class example of a date gone wrong (if it's true), but it's not sexual harassment. If he asked for something, and you gave in, you can't say he forced you. If you had said no, would he have harmed you? If not, then it's on you, not on him. Yet the #meToo movement ignores this vital aspect.

Another thing it ignores is that women are conscious, thinking individuals who are adults making their own sexual choices. Take the celebrated Nouman Ali Khan case, for example. Let us say it's true, and for argument's sake let us assume the scholar did marry (and then divorce) many women.

Did he force those women into marriage? Did he threaten those women's livelihood or life if they did not marry him? Did they not willingly start an affair with him, or exchange sexually graphic messages and texts? Are they not equally guilty?

All of this is of course if you believe the story, for argument's sake. Yet the feminists will say no, only the scholar is guilty. Why? Something called "spiritual abuse". Whatever the fudge that means.

Completely ignored is the fact that just as people can be attracted to beauty, they can also be attracted to power. Whether that power is political, economical, or the flowering oratory of a preacher who commands the attention of millions, is irrelevant. If people feel an attraction towards a preacher because of his position, that is not "spiritual abuse". That is giving in to your momentary desires and lust, and then later regretting it and trying to blame the guy, calling it "spiritual abuse".

IF it's true. Till now we have no idea WHAT the specific allegations against Nouman Ali Khan is or WHO even are the accusers. But feminists will tell you it doesn't matter, just believe these unknown, unnamed women who are "hinting" at something. So a man's career and life's work must be ruined, because, feminism. #meToo.

Monday, July 09, 2018

World Cup 2018 - Semi Final Predictions

So it has come down to this. After 32 nations, only 4 remain. These 4 teams each have two games left. They will each will play the semi final, and then depending on the result will either play the meaningless third fourth match, or the all important once-in-a-lifetime final.

You can take a look at my quarter final predictions. I correctly managed to predict three out of the four semi finalists. So here are the semi-final lineups.

Belgium vs France
My pick: France

Everyone is talking about Belgium finally fulfilling their promise and being the favourites. Me? I am still not convinced. Brazil had a high number of chances against them and that result could have easily been 5-2 win for Brazil rather than a 2-1 loss. Belgium is weak in the back and France just oozes quality. Sure, Argentina scored 3 against them but no other team has come close. France has just gotten better as the tournament has progressed and I think they will defeat Belgium.

England vs Croatia
My pick: England

What is different about this England team? Not only are they a young team, but compared to previously star studded English teams this bunch seems to actually enjoy the world cup and each other, playing with fun without pressure. We all thought Sweden would give them a tough game but they bossed that game. Sweden hardly ventured out to score, and when they did, they found a resilient goalie in the English nets. When has that happened? What England lacks as opposed to France is quality. They have one or two good players but nowhere the quality of France or Belgium.

Croatia is a good team but their focus is their midfield - which is amazing. They are also a resilient team that somehow has found a way to win. Whenever they went behind they quickly equalized. This is actually a tough game to call. I am going to give it to England just because I am supporting them, so I want to watch the game and cheer on both my team and my blog!

Friday, July 06, 2018

World Cup 2018 - Quarter Final Predictions

So I had a 50% success rate in the Round-of-16 predictions. Which means analysis aside, I could have just flipped a coin - this is s a great example of the science of probability. Now let's get to the last 8 teams standing.

France vs. Uruguay
Winner: France

This is like the irresistible force meeting the immovable object. Offense vs Defence. This is very hard to call as the teams are almost equally matched. France has a great selection of fast, young strikers while Uruguay has a pair of experienced and exceptional strikers. Where Uruguay has the edge is their miserly defenders. Now will France have the key to pick the lock? I think so. They responded well to the pressure of going behind against Argentina with magical strikes. Their confidence must be sky high.

Brazil vs. Belgium
Winner: Brazil

Now I support Brazil. Yet I am afraid of this one team - Belgium. A team that knew that winning their last meaningless group game would land them in the tougher bracket and yet they had the guts to go for it. A team that went behind 2 goals in a knock out game, with 20 minutes to go, and still emerge victorious. A team that is full of talent.

So why Brazil? People forget that their defenders only allowed one goal so far. This is not the Brazil of 2014. They look good and are good (even Neymar's acting skills deserve an Oscar). You need something special to defeat a team like Belgium and I think Brazil has it.

Russia vs. Croatia
Winner: Croatia

Whenever I think of Russia in 2018 I am reminded of South Korea in 2002.  A host nation making an unexpectedly deep run in the tournament, "supported" by the referees and pure luck. Yet I think with the advent of VAR, most of the refereeing in the tournament has been pretty good. So I think Russia's luck will run out against Croatia. Spain really defeated themselves. Passing the ball around (1000 passes!) with no meaningful shots to show for it. Croatia knows how to go for the kill.

England vs. Sweden
Winner: England.

One word (ok two words. New England. This is a different England team. I don't know if the cup's coming home, but I know they look good. Yes they only scored 1 non fluke goal in open play. Yes they are dependent on set pieces and Harry Kane. But luck seems to be smiling on them at the moment.