Friday, February 23, 2007

11 People Bat ...

I decide to teach Random White Canadian (RWC) something about cricket.

"Hey look, Canada is in the Cricket World Cup."

"Oh, ya?" RWC's interest is piqued. "When does it start?"

"March 13." I reply. "Canada is in Group C, with England, New Zealand and Kenya."

"Are we any good?" RWC's next question cuts to the point.

"Well, sure." I answer. "I am hoping we can cause an upset against England."

"Hmm." RWC pauses for a moment. Suddenly he has a light bulb moment.

"Wait, wait." He tries to recollect, "didn't we cause an upset in the last world cup?"

Uh, oh.

"Yes, yes." I desperately try to cut him off. "Look, this server is going down."

"Now, who did we beat?" RWC scratches his chin as I desperately wish I had stuck to discussing why the Maple Leafs suck. His eyes go big and he snaps his fingers.

"Wait, it was BANGLADESH who we beat last time!" He looks at me. "Is Bangladesh a good team?"

"Did you hear me? This server is going DOWN!"


Maliha said...

Awww Bengalis got beat by Canaduh? That's just a Shame! Not that I know anything about cricket, but it's the principle involved.

hmmm..i wonder if there's any deeper/metaphorical meaning to that?

Em said...

A classic "Doh" moment.

You're hoping Canada can upset England? Well, I guess we can all hope... in that case, *clears throat* I'm hoping Bangladesh can upset India and Sri Lanka.

Anonymous said...

The Leafs DON'T suck! Mezba! Where's your beLeaf??? Tsk tsk.

Anonymous said...

K,my question, Is kenya good? I don't know anything about cricket,so am just asking :(
PS.Is the still "DOWN"? sf

Aamer bakti said...

Here's more salt to your wounds.
Did some googling and found out that our team consists of a smorgasbord of ethnicities, so you can practically say that India/Pakistan/West Indies beat Bangladesh (again).

* Buttefly * said...

haha, thats funny! U probably felt like crap.

Hows Pakistan doing in cricket?
I'm not into it but I remember my bro going mad, when the paskitani team came to Engalnd a while ago and lost against England!
It was big time ijjat! lol
[btw, my bengali friend taught me ijjat :P]

isheeta said...

"Did you hear me? This server is going DOWN!"

LOL, too funny, good try Mezba, but you might as well as have been talking to a wall when he realized who Bangladesh beat!

On the plus side, at least Bengalis can gloat with that :)

Or maybe use as another weapon against peole like Coren!

Anonymous said...

Hey, I meant is the server still down???LOL sf

maryam said...

shame about the server man...

i didnt even know that canada were in the cricket... where do they learn how to play? do they move to sydney for half the year?

Shoaib Muhammad said...

LOL...good one!!! It's sad though that Bangladesh got beaten :( Better luck next time....

mezba said...

Maliha: yes :-( it was the blackest day in Bangladesh cricket.

Yes there is lots of metaphorical stuff there - cricket IS life.

Em: I hope so too.

Ruby: My beLEAF? blown away...

Sf, Kenya is a good team. But they are not good enough to upset any Test team, IMO.

Buttefly: Pakistan is a team in disarray - which is how they were before 92 world cup which they won - so make your own mind on that! If they get Mohd Asif to play it'll be a dangerous outfit.

Isheeta: Canada may have beated Bangladesh, but we beat Australia! But that was two summers ago doh.

Sf: the server was *made* to go down... hehe

Maryam: Our captain DOES play in Australia's league cricket. Canada's in cricket now big time especially the immigrant areas. Half the time the team practices in the Windies.

Shoaib: better luck.

maryam said...

as long as they're not going up against the windies and coming out thinking they've trained well...

'liya said...

Mezba, I'm waiting for you to post something new... I don't "get" cricket and therefore I have no clue what this is about lol :S

Khulud said...

Bangladesh will lose everything. We know. I don't want to have high hopes. I still *cry* over a losing game. ANd bangladesh always mkaes me cry. Ok shut up! I know it's stupid to be so attached to a cricket game. But, still!

thanks for your comment on my blog. By the way, my only change in writing style for that post was that I just didn't write anything. lol.. I take it that you just hate my writings. Thank you for being so honest. I got the message, bro! I will getcha next time, lol!

mezba said...

Maryam: Bangladesh will play against Bermuda who are quite like the Windies. And of course Pakistan takes on Windies I think in the cup opener.

Liya: It'll be more cricket now! the world cup is about to begin.

Khulud: I don't hate your writing, I LOVE YOUR writing.

Khulud said...

linked you! Called you Jolly Bengali, hope that's cool!

mezba said...

Khulud, thank you.