Friday, February 09, 2007

Mean Chicken

I dropped into my friend Sohail's place after work and gym to pick up some DVDs.

"Hey, the Raptors game is on in a few minutes." He told me as I hunted around his movie collection for few to borrow. "Want to catch the first half with me? My roommate made Manchurian chicken."

"OK," I wasn't really into basketball but the bribery of food wasn't to be ignored. "Sure."

So in a few minutes we were tucking into some delicious Manchurian chicken (and naan bread - weird combo), when there was a knock on the door.

It was his girlfriend, paying him a surprise visit. I guess I would have to leave earlier than planned.

"Um," I asked Sohail as he got back and she went to freshen up. "Are we the team in white or blue?"

Uh oh. Never ask a basketball fanatic a stupid question.

"You!" Sohail literally got up and admonished me with a pointed finger. "You don't deserve to be called a Torontonian. And you call yourself up-to-date with current news! Man, Toronto is Canada's team! We are white and red, not BLUE! Don't tell me you don't know that Vince Carter has also left Toronto years ago?"

"No." I shook my head, not really caring. The Manchurian chicken was good.

"Why, ANYone who doesn't know ANYthing about Raptors is pretty much out of touch, living in a bubble and should move out of Toronto." Sohail declared, oblivious to reality now. "Even my girlfriend knows more basketball than you."

"Sure," The girlfriend, who had just chosen this moment to enter the room, replied. "What's there not to know?"

She plopped down on the sofa, took a look at the TV and then turned to Sohail, puzzled.

"Hey Sohail, where's Vince Carter?"


AKA said...

LOL! I know the feeling - my brother is also another basketball fanatic, especially for the Raptors. If I know anything about basketball it's thanks to him (and to being the one who drives him around while he's talking about basketball...)

Suroor said...

Poor Sohail!

Anonymous said...

K, I knew a guy who called the Raptors, "his kids", huh??? I couldn't get it, he would just go, k, "the kids" are playing today". sf, am not a "fan" but wouldn't say no to free tickets to go see them live! sf :)

mousehunter said...

haha...did you reply, " were saying?" Should have asked him what he thought of the Kyoto accord....after you finished the chicken of course :)

Anonymous said...

Always nice to leave ruckus in your path...hahaha...

Ahmed said...

I miss being able to watch raptor games... :(

The Bengali Fob said...

what happened after?!?!?! that was too funny though ^^

leibniz said...

For some reason this incident seems to be straight out of a sitcom episode. Something is not right. :)

mezba said...

Aka: ALL my friends are basketfall fanatics. yesterday I saw my first FULL basketball game with someone who took time to explain the game - and it was a 94-92 game.. and you know what, it was fun!

Suroor: wait till you read what happens next! See comments below.

Sf: hahaha... the kids. Funny!

Mousehunter: See below.. hehe. I made sure I finished the chicken before saying anything.

Ruby: Oh I left a ruckus below alright. "Sohail" is on my facebook, just to let you know!

Ahmed: Don't they have them in USA?

The Bengali Fob: (as well as others)

As I stood up to go, I turned to Sohail and asked, "So when did you say your girlfriend was moving out of Toronto?"

And girl friend goes "What" and Sohails goes "What"

I continue, "Well, you did say she was out of touch and living in a bubble..."

Leibniz: I got a few other sitcom-worthy posts coming up. You nickname keeps reminding me of Lebanese shawarma though!

leibniz said...

lol @ Lebanese Shawarma. This calls for a post on Leibniz on my part.

'liya said...

Oooh nice new format/colour changes!

I won't even say anything about basketball for fear of embarassing myself lol.

Did you get my reply?

leibniz said...

cool theme!

Ahmed said...

They would if I got nba league pass....otherwise I could catch the random game they might show on espn or something....of course none of that is possible since I haven't invested in cable...