Sunday, February 18, 2007

A Facebook Valentine Story

"Honey," the wife suddenly poked her husband. "What gift are you getting me on Facebook for Valentine?"

"Huh?" Husband took his eyes of Nelly Furtado on CSI and looked at his wife. "Facebook? Gifts? Valentine?"

"Well," the wife put on her 'hurt-but-can-be-mollified' look. "Facebook has all these 'gifts' that you can give to your valentine, and it will show up on their profile."

"Oh, I see." Husband nodded. "How much are these gifts?"

"Oh, must everything be about money to you?" The wife pouted.

Husband quickly logged on to Facebook and saw he had one free gift to give. Thanking God for Facebook, he selected a Teddy bear and placed it on his wife's profile.

[3 minutes later]

"Husband?" Wife's voice now had the 'I-need-something' tone.


"Look at my friend Baki. She got three gifts. And I have only ONE."

"Oh, great." Husband was slowly beginning to regret the day he joined Facebook.

[10 minutes later]

"Wife?" Husband had a puzzled tone to his voice. "Where is MY gift?"

"Oh," Wife now had her 'I-am-so-cute' smile. "You know my friend Madiha, who is single? She was soooo lonely, I felt so bad for her. So I gave her my gift. You know I loooooooooove you right?"

Madiha's profile now had seven gifts, all from girls: "Here you are my choooopooooos! My chinkie pinkie! My gulab jamun!"

Meanwhile, the single guys who should be giving Madiha gifts are having great fun, giving gifts to EACH OTHER.

"Here's something you wanted for a long time," Wrote Taufeeq to Adnan. A rainbow colored chocolate box was the gift. "I know you wanted to come out of the closet for a long time haha".

"Dumbass!" Was Adnan's response. "Here's something you need. Haha."

A roll of toilet paper was Adnan's return gift.

Oh Facebook! What have thee done to us?


ABCDlaw said...

I seriously had to wonder about some of those gifts. I mean a D**K in a box? WTF? And toilet paper? Facebook will never cease to amaze me.

saqi namah said...

Just give the box as the gift. Since the contents of the box are not really known. It can pass for anything positive or negative.

Nowal said...

adnan, taufeeq and baki eh? wonder if I know any of them.

Nowal said...

why so many posts on V-Day and love shove, Mezbbunny? ;)

Anonymous said...

Mezba is looooooooooooove... he ain't telling us. I knew it was coming. I knew it all along!

mezba said...

ABCDLaw: lol at the box.. I never even thought of it that way, thanx for corrupting me ;-)

Saqi: The Box is a dangerous gift. You never know what's inside.

Nowal: This is a work of fiction. Any resemblance to characters, living or dead or somewhere in between, is entirely non-coincidental and intentional.

Nowal: Why so many? Coz I see people all around me drowning in this sea of disaster.

Sabrina: haha I am not allowing your type correction *evil* i AM love.. not IN love.. hehe.. um.. just to correct any misconceptions.

saqi namah said...

>> The Box is a dangerous gift. You never know what's inside.

No wonder that's the only gift that I have getting. :\

ABCDlaw said...

Don't blame me, blame Justin Timberlake! Have you seen the uncensored YouTube video of the D**K in a Box skit? I didn't get it, but most of my friends put it as their "website" on facebook.I think I need new friends.

mousehunter said...

"This is a work of fiction. Any resemblance to characters, living or dead or somewhere in between, is entirely non-coincidental and intentional"

Haha, exploiting yer friends eh?
OR did that come out wrong?

saqi namah said...

Ok, I am thinking about giving in to the temptation. Dude half of the frickin Mezbashphere is on the facebook.

Suroor said...

Aww, that's cute!

Sonia said...

Hilarious! "her 'hurt-but-can-be-mollified' look. brilliant - i love that. you're such an acute observer :-)

yeah, this competition thing's terrible isn't it..ooh i have 3 valentines on my profile,, ooh im so popular.. yeah right!

very amusing for the rest of us though!

Anonymous said...

"Wife's voice now had the 'I-need-something' tone."
This had me cracking up, ok, my question,was it YOU or the husband who *read* the tone??? I used to walk to school with a friend everyday,so,we used to give names to pple according to their facial expressions(there was crying face,smiling face,idiot face etc)
I was in high school,so we were just "having fun". :)
K, a toilet paper??who gives that??? sf

mezba said...

Saqi, lol. I am not getting ANY gifts. Not complaining. Just saying, that's all.

ABCDLaw: hahaha... I swear I didn't understand it either.

Mousehunter: Na na.. it came out exactly right. Of course this blog post is all a work of fiction, right Baki?

Saqi: Resistance is futile.

Suroor: hehe.

Sonia: I love making fun of my couple friends who try to be extra sappy on V-day just for my benefit.

sf: was it YOU or the husband who *read* the tone??? I plead the fifth.

We used to give names to our teachers, although it was mostly based on physical appearances. For example one of our profs (a he) was called 'the pregnant professor' (for obvious reasons).