Monday, February 26, 2007

My Saturday's Good Deed

Car Buyers: People who suddenly realize they are somehow related to me when they need something.

Me: Suddenly elevated to position of "car expert". Basically because I own a car and can drive said relatives around.

Bengali: The code language the car buyers speak in with each other, completely mystifying the sales person. It's like a spy language, only more poetic.

Uncle (Desi):
  • "There is only one car company and it's called Toyota."

  • [Grudgingly] "Yes, Mercedes is also another good car."

  • "Honda is motorcycle company. They make cars?"

    Uncle's Daughter (ABCD):
  • "Because all my fob friends drive one" is a valid excuse to reject the good deal they were getting on the Toyota Corolla.

  • "Let's get this car, I LOVE the color!"

    Aunty (wrapped in shawl):

  • "That car looks good" [pointing to a Ford] - Uncle nearly has a heart attack at the heresy. Thou shalt not praise American cars, woman!

  • "Let's get this one, the back seat is really spacious," - turns to daughter - "you can put all your future five kids here!". Turns to salesman and starts talking about how they are looking for a groom for their daughter. Daughter nearly dies in embarrassment.

    mystic-soul said...

    And our unique desi negotiation style.

    Anonymous said...

    So your good deed was that you married this girl and now have a car and huge backseat to put your future five kids?

    mezba said...

    Mystic-soul: lol.

    Ruby: Hey, first of all I didn't marry anyone on Saturday. and LEAST of all... my COUSIN!!!!

    Anonymous said...

    Uncle's Son (ABCD):"Let's get this one, the back seat is really spacious," Hehehehehe :) sf

    Em said...

    Hehe, reminded me of this Asian remake of Top Gear.

    Loved the daughter's "color" remark :D.

    'liya said...

    Haha, the colour remark sounds like what I would say... isn't that all that's important in a car anyway? :)

    Poor kid lol.

    Aisha said...

    lol :)

    Even Kashif is oddly a Toyota devotee. Latest reviews has shown the latest Toyota Camry's are having issues with the transmission, etc. Yet Kashif says he'd still buy it despite that because, its, well, Toyota.

    go fig! :)

    Shoaib Muhammad said...


    Quite True and very well portrayed!!

    mezba said...

    Sf: lol following this comment Uncle will grab son by the collar and beat him black and blue.

    Em: the 'decorative tissue box' was EXTREMELY funny! God..

    Liya: omg are all girls same? It's not about the color or size - it's the performance of the car :-)

    Aisha: Toyota Corolla is one of the best cars ever made. Your husband is right, please obey him in all aspects from now on :-P lol

    Shoaib: It's true eh.

    Sohnii said...


    I really enjoyed the way u described the situation so simply hehe


    Maliha said...

    Toyotas are awesome. Yes, I am a FOB and proud of it :)

    Honda only makes motorcycles..reminds me in mombasa, we call ALL bikes "hondas" didn't even know they had another name :)

    The backseat critique is very valid when you start having kids :)

    Em said...

    Maliha, loved your "start" having kids line, like having kids is addictive or something :). I'm still laughing :D.

    mezba said...

    Sohnii: walaiks. Thanx.

    Maliha: yaar, I drove a Toyota for 5 years. They are the best of their class.

    Em: me too.. hehe.