Friday, July 16, 2004

B'desh has won!

Wow. B'desh has won a cricket match. Finally! Yes, it was against Hong Kong, yes, they are amateurs, and yes, we could only score around 220 for 9. But what the hell, we ... BLOODY... WON!!!
Ofcourse the commentators were all praising Hong Kong's pluck, but me thinks sometimes B'desh is underestimated. They are good, just not good enough to knock off the bigger powers, but definitely there ahead of the non-test, and definitely now Zim and Windies are on the same rung. Here's hoping they do tonite to Pak what they way back did in 1999. Ah, one can always dream.

Cricket Has Started

Asia cup of cricket, 2004, has started, and ofcourse Bangladesh are upto their usual tricks. The players look like they haven't eaten in a while, while the Hong Kong (Hong Kong?) opposition is as chubby as J-Lo's bottom. B'desh ofcourse are making the opposition look anything other than a team making their debut. Another bloody wicket down! It's too painful to watch. I am going to shut off the TV and go to bed.
On another note, finished helping Gazi with his assignment. I should enjoy Bourne Supremacy. Hell, any movie, free, is definitely enjoyable.

Sunday, July 11, 2004

The Supreme Offer

Woke up on Sunday morning with unusually nothing to do. Actually I have stuff to do but too lazy to do it ... yet. Then came the supreme offer.

Neighbour wants help on some computer assignment (he's still a student). In return, he would take me out to the Bourne Supremacy. Hmm, relax my bum on my chair in my room, or in his chair in his room, busting my Java skills early in the morning?

On second thoughts, better get started on waxing my car.