Thursday, May 28, 2009

Why did Archie choose Veronica?

Today, Archie Comics revealed that in issue # 600, fans can see who Archie will pick between Veronica and Betty, finally ending the over-70-year old love triangle.

*drum roll*

He picked Veronica! I know Obama is not worrying over this issue (yet) but Archie has been a staple part of our pop culture - and now I feel something is over... an end of an era *sob*

So, in any case, why DID Archie pick Veronica? I ran through some possible reasons:

  • It's the economy, stupid.
  • He will marry Veronica, then have Betty on the side ("best friend" *wink*).
  • Jughead was already taken.
  • Archie joined an MBA program.
  • A secret xxx-rated video featuring Betty Cooper was released on Youtube.
  • Archie wants to run for President and needs Change ($$$) he can believe in.
  • Betty moved to Canada (I always thought with her goody-two-shoes-boring nature, she was a secret Canadian).
  • Archie's no gentleman ('cos we all know what they prefer!)

    I also find it surprising when people sympathize with Betty and why everyone says she is the girl next door. Sure, Veronica is rich, but Betty is a blonde! She has a voluptuous figure, is young and hip. That's Pamela Anderson to you... whereas Veronica would be Carmen Electra. And we all know, on Baywatch, who wins between Pamela Anderson and Carmen Electra!

    PS. Pamela's Canadian too...

    In any case, the sad part is, it's now over.

    Or is it?

    *drum roll*
  • Friday, May 15, 2009

    Tamil Protests in Toronto

    The Tamils in Toronto have been protesting and holding marches for the last couple of months in the city.

    Even though the LTTE has been hostile to Muslims in the past, and much of the Tamil protests have been due to the LTTE losses, it's still important to support the rights of Tamils to protest and disrupt and make their voices known.

    1. To fight comments such as "tell them to go back home to their country if they care so much".

    WHAT THE FUCK - these protesters are Canadians and they are making their voices heard. So what if their issue is about a far off land, suddenly they can't protest about it in Canada? Who decides what issues you should protest on - you should be allowed to protest whatever you want to.

    Telling the protesters to go "home" only shows racism - it shows you don't really regard these people as "Canadians". It's time for Canada to acknowledge that immigrants are also Canadians and it is perfectly valid for Canadians to have non-Canadian concerns.

    2. Politicians are paying interest.

    The Tamil protests have shown the value of numbers, steadfastness, organization and media relations - all things Muslims can learn a lot about.

    We are hardly organized - it takes weeks to organize a protest with a semi-decent turnout. At that turnout, speakers go on a rant with hardly any thought as to media sensibilities or even basic decent intelligence. You have to be smart with what you say and pick your fights.

    The Tamils have also shown the value of good press/media relations. Even after they disrupted the Gardner Expressway the news reported how the organizers were cleaning up the garbage left by protesters.

    Steadfastness - the Tamils have done repeated protests and finally a big one that got everyone talking. Suddenly McGuinty has remembered his daughter in Sri Lanka, Ignatieff found a voice, and even Conservative Bev Oda has dropped her fight against red flags.


    There is a legal way to protest. As long as they stick to legal protesting no one should grumble about the protests. Rather, marvel at how committed they are to the cause.

    Yet when they take a highway hostage and stop people from visiting their families on Mother's Day, that's bone headed. And wrong.

    Note: I am supporting the right of Tamils (or anyone) to protest. Which may or may not translate to supporting what they are protesting.

    Wednesday, May 13, 2009

    Star Trek 9/10

    We watched Star Trek last night. Before I go on, here's some rules for NON-TREKKIES GIRLS who watch it.

    1. It's Spock, not Spark.

    Aaagh! I couldn't believe it when one lady was asking her partner, "So how come there's a new Spark?"

    2. Please write a ten page easy on how a guy whose face is bashed up half the time (i.e. Kirk) is considered "cute". Guys everywhere would like to know.

    The Star Trek movie's awesome. Seriously, it rates a solid 9 on 10. Why the 9? Well, read the first comment if you want a spoiler discussion.

    Man, are we spoiled for movies this summer or what? Last week it was Wolverine. This week Star Trek. Next week Angels and Demons. Following that week, Terminator. And then there's Transformers, GI Joe ...

    I have been so lazy for the last month recently. With my exams over and studies done for the time being, I have been taking time off - and watching a lot of movies. Hollywood / Bollywood I have seen them all.

    I have actually watched two Bollywood movies back to back on the same day. If there is proof that India is the new land of opportunity, Bollywood is it. It's where tacky scripts get funded, ugly people get jobs as actors or where a guy wearing more gold than Tutankhamen is a "music director".