Wednesday, June 08, 2005

What a hot day

It is really getting hot in Toronto. Not that I mind, I will take +40 over -40 any day - but what I hate is the smog. I have to walk in the morning from my parking spot at the university to Eaton's, and then back again in the afternoon heat, a good 20 min each way, and what gets me each time is the pollution. It really sticks to you. I also went out for a walk around lunch and within 20 minutes was starting to feel lethargic and sick.

The Unix course is coming along well. I am learning lots of new admin stuff I didn't know before. I also spoke with a colleague at work, he's going to give me a PC so I can install some flavor of Unix on it at home, just to play with.

I paid my last dues as a student to UofT today - 3 years after graduation. I got my degree framed. It's convocation this week at UofT, and they had stalls for framing the degrees that the graduates get at the ceremony. They had it when I graduated too, except that I didn't want to frame it at that time. I thought I would get it framed somewhere else later.

After three years of it sitting in an envelope at the bottom of my closet, I decided I am going to get it framed in an official UofT crest-filled frame. It cost me 86 dollars and change. Yes - I know they were ripping me off - but it's my degree and they were fleecing me for the last time. Besides, I did throw tons of money at the university for four years, so what's a few doubloons more!

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