Thursday, June 30, 2005


Rosti is described by some as an "easy version of a Swiss potato cake". I don't know how accurate that is as I have never had Swiss potato cake, but Rosti looks a bit like this. As we were dining at Marche at the BCE Place, after watching War of the Worlds, I remarked that the food there was very European. We blabbed the usual about the ambience and the food making it pricy but justified because of the 'ambience'. Ether, being very blunt, said Rosi was just 'aloo bhorta' in French (or German, or whatever).

Later I reflected that this is why Toronto's ethnic restaurants are pricy. They take some common dish, put it in italics on the menu and it becomes exotic. Thus we have 'samosas', 'shik kebab', 'naan', 'dosa', 'tandoori' - all common back home but here an exotic expensive dish. Some dishes I understand - such as 'kotu roti' and 'shwarma' - but why is naan exotic?

I didn't put an extensive review of War of the Worlds as I noticed recently I have doing a lot of that on the blog. This blog is not just about movies. Even though I have watching a lot of them lately (this is summer after all). Suffice it to say the movie was faithful to the book, except for some 'minor' changes such as changing the locale of the story from London, UK, to some some place in USA, and the hero getting a family, as well as some other flaws. Even though I found it good, something prevents me from recommending it, and I will leave it at that.

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