Friday, June 10, 2005

Pulling Out A Rabbit

Last time I checked Toronto was a major concrete metropolis. Wildlife attacks are very rare, other than the occasional psycho bulldog. Which is why today I was surprised when my backyard was invaded by a pair of rabbits.

It's not always this black and white

There I was, minding my own business, just about to mow the jungle that is my backyard, when all of a sudden I saw a black something dart behind me. My first thought was that my sister's cat escaped, but then I saw a white something follow the black I knew it was no ordinary pet. It was rabbits!

My neighbor's (two houses away) kids' pets had escaped. They were so cute! But munching on my dad's apple tree was definite no-no. And so I moved in a stomping motion and made what I thought was a menacing shout. Other than the next door kid looking at me like I was practicing for some sort of Bengali opera, they had no effect. The rabbits paused, looked at me, and went back to munching. Is there an expression, cool as a rabbit?

Ofcourse the kids came to reclaim their pet. And this moment the rabbits chose to dart into the next door neighbor's yard. The game was afoot, the hunt continued. But that was to be the last I saw of those intruders.

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