Monday, June 06, 2005

Got an LCD monitor

Moving up in the world. Today the LCD monitor ordered for my workstation, a Hyundai TFT L90D+, arrived. I set it up and dumped the old big monitor at the backroom (this room is rapidly becoming our electronic garbage box).

At first the pictures and text seemed a bit blurry and out of focus, but after installing the driver and switching from the Plug and Play one, resetting the refresh rate to 75 Hz from 60, and restarting the PC, the monitor made a world of difference. And to top it all, this one has speakers attached to it as well, so if I want to show a video to the guys, I can just unplug the headset and play the media. No more rushing to Mike's workstation. And I just love the extra space on my desk.

Unfortunately I won't have time to enjoy it all this week. Starting tomorrow till Friday I will be on the UNIX Administration course at Learning Tree, near Eaton's Centre.

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