Saturday, June 11, 2005

Masala BBQ and A. Jolie Good Movie

BBQs and Nahda alumni don't go well together. Whenever we try to do a BBQ the weather plays havoc. Last time it rained. Today, it was unbearably hot, close to 40 degrees (with humidex, smog, etc.). I was taken back to the last days of high school, when we foolishly attempted to have a BBQ in the middle of Abu Dhabi summer. Atleast this time I got the BBQ started! Ofcourse being a gas grill it was way easier.

The food turned out tasty, even though the masala made the chicken very, very spicy at certain portions (that was fine though - I just had to have a bottle of water after one chicken leg). The burgers were the best, as were the sausages, fresh out of the grill and into our mouths. It being such a hot day, the juice-filled jug was well emptied. There were two Casualty Burgers though.

It burns!

Angelina Jolie sparkles in Mr and Mrs Smith. Throughout the movie, which we saw after eating (dinner and a show!), that was the only thing I could think of. It seemed some people have been made by God with a lot of time. Then again Tauhid told me some lip surgeons may have had a crack at her as well.

The movie was entertaining as a whole, though in the end it started to drag a bit before an abrupt ending, which was again funny. The jokes and action were nonstop, and its a good escapist movie.


Atunu said...

are u like "From BD" or something? Its rare to find enthusiastic dudes who are keen about BD cricket...i mean come on if you form a probability-problem with their winning vs loosing stats it would cry out "YOU SUCK DUDE". Its really hard for our conscience to actually believe that BD would win the game(just b4 it starts)....

HMM nice to see "jolie's " name being mentioned here.... i dunno how she was chosen to be UN correspondent... i mean she is like behaving Bootylicious all the time....and going to afganistan wearing full-veils!! Now thats a two-sided anomaly...

Just dropped by to say h'lo from BD

Remember living in BD is like sucking on smoothies....with your hurts and its harmful for your sanity.


mezba said...

Hi ya ... am from BD. Follow cricket a lot, and whenever BD is playing get ready for their ass being kicked. Nice surprise when they win. I think they definitely has potential in a few years time to be really good. Kicking them out of cricket will harm cricket, and impede it's growth. Newcomers always start as minnows. It is to ICC's discredit that Zim and Kenya still cannot claim real progress.