Friday, June 24, 2005

The Koreans Are Coming

It was shaping up to be just another Friday at work. I was at my desk, coding away, while my boss was away (his kid was sick). The operational engineers were busy at their workstations. Suddenly there was a knock on our office door, before it slammed open, and a gentleman (who worked upstairs) ran in, a little short of breath.

Searching for my boss, and not finding him, he turned to me and announced:

"The Koreans Are Coming!"

The reactions from the guys was immediate and hilarious:

"So should we lock the doors?"

"Don't you mean the Russians?"

"Koreans? North or South?"

Further clarification led to the fact that a delegation from the University of Korea in Seoul was visiting University of Toronto and they wanted to see how the building controls and management operated here. In any case, they did come within a few minutes, and were a very nice (and courteous) bunch of guys, along with their interpreter. They visited for 15 minutes, asked lots of questions, took a few pictures of my coffee cup before taking our leave.

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