Saturday, June 04, 2005

Forlorn Saturday

I don't know why I am feeling a bit down today. Is it because I did mostly nothing on Friday and have nothing to look forward to doing today? For the last few weekends I have been either hanging out with friends or busy doing something fun. This is the first weekend in a while I was stuck at home.

Well I was busy. Folks are going away to Bangladesh for sometime. Everyone who hears this says 'Partaay!!' but what I can think of is 'Parathay - who will make them'. Guess I better familiarise myself with Shaan parathays.

The day was spent with mom showing me how to keep the house clean, water the plants, etc. My sister even showed me this brush with which to brush her cat's hair. I told her to get real - many times I don't get the time to brush my hair.

The Drunk Tamil and the Hippy Bengali had a big punch-up today. I was in the backyard BBQing tandoori chicken and missed all the fun. Both called up their crew and beat up each other. From my understanding the Drunk Tamil's gang was beaten to a pulp. But then I got the hoe-down report from the Hippy Bengali. But I can believe his story. We both discussed how Bengali friends are completely unreliable in a fight.

On another note, this must be the most pathetic blog I saw on the net.


The Bengali Fob said...

How on earth did you get to that blog? And it is definitely pathetic!

mezba said...

Wowo Bfob that's such an old post! laughing as I recall that scenario.