Saturday, June 25, 2005

Noha's Wedding

Just came back from attending Noha's wedding/reception. The usual crowd (read the-Donmills-people-who-were-once-in-UAE-but-now-mostly-in-Brampton-but-still-called-Donmills-people) attended. Atleast Jaber and others still are in North York.

The ceremony itself was a good affair. Jaber said a few quotes, while Isra recited a great poem. Babu and Mehboob (of BSA fame) sang some songs. The dinner was very good. The menu was South Asian, with some spicy tandoori chicken and a kabab (making us loosen our ties) being the best. One cannot fault Jaber's organization (meticulous) nor the food (really scrumptious). He should become a Bengali wedding planner. He even printed a schedule (or program guide, whatever it's called).

On a sidenote, it always seems a point of EXTREME importance at Bengali weddings - the food has to be good. I have attended some weddings where there is no organization to speak of, it's as boring as hell, but the food was good and no one complained. Bengalis. Go figure.

Going back to the wedding, after dinner, there were a few songs and dances. Jaber also displayed a slideshow, which showed the couples' pictures from childhood to present times. It was a nice and different touch.

The 'Just Married' car

The spread was tasty

Here's to still being single (it's Coke BTW)

Who's next?

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