Tuesday, August 02, 2005

A Town Like Mezba

With a little bit of time on my hands at lunch, I googled for Mezba. It's something most of us have done from time to time, googled ourselves. The results were a mix of dark humorous and interesting.

There's apparently a town called Mezba in Eritrea. Wow, that's so cool - a town named after me! Well not after me, with my luck probably after some wanted warlord, given the recent civil war history in that place. Someone even wrote a book about it! One more thing on life's todo list - visit Mezba, Eritrea!

Another result was funny in a dark way. The caption on google went like this:

"For instance, it is physically impossible for Asif to kill Mezba if Asif (assassin) and Mezba (victim) remains in different countries"

I was like wtf - (esp as one of my friends is called Asif) - anyways, here's the page.

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