Sunday, August 28, 2005

The 'Immoral' West?

The BBC article on China banning sexual harassment got me thinking. Gender equality, safe from workplace harassment, etc. are all legislated in the supposedly 'immoral' and 'infidel' west, yet is common back home (Bangladesh, Middle East, and other so-called Islamic countries). Why?

Everyone knows we supposedly value our 'honour' and our 'honour' is in our women. Here in Canada, a boss (especially in a white collar environment) will think twice about propositioning a woman employee under him. But it seems, from newspaper stories and general accounts I hear from friends back, and from movies, sexual harassment is common in Asia.

In the Middle East, guys hang out at malls with Bluetooth enabled cellphones ready to 'ping' other cellphones of ladies nearby with their contact info. Testosterone filled teenagers think nothing of yelling out to women pedestrians, particularly white (visiting) women. In Bangladesh it is common for a rich factory owner to try and take advantage of his poor employee. The law and the police are helpless.

But we are supposedly more 'moral'.

Yet another myth shattered.


mayaboti said...

Great post! I have always thought abiut this.

mezba said...

Yup, we can be very hypocritic when it suits us. We will talk about how the west treats marriage as a game and how often they end in divorce, yet shun the divorcees in our society who have taken it as a last resort.