Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Is It Racism?

With the recent spike in gun violence in Toronto, where innocent bystanders are getting killed, this is what made news.

"A Toronto city councilor is floating a controversial idea on curbing gun violence in the city. Michael Thompson, who is black, says police should be allowed to "target" young black men at random as part of a crackdown on guns. Deputy police chief Keith Forde, who is also black, says chief Bill Blair would 'never, ever agree to that.' "

The most telling part of the news article was that the perpetrator of the suggestion was black, a point not missed by the Star. As if that proves anything.

This was my post on the Star's "Have Your Say" page:

"Just because he is black does not give him the right to be a racist, even if its against his own people. Police should stop people at a scene who fit the description of a suspect they are looking for when a crime is committed. Randomly stopping people of a certain race is profiling and criminal and has no place in a Canadian society. "

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