Sunday, August 07, 2005

England win epic

Sunday I again woke up around 6. That's the second day of the weekend I woke up earlier than I do during the week. The first day was for fishing. But today, for cricket? Surely, not on a Sunday, I hear you scoff.

Well, just some time before, Bonty messaged me what was probably the best message he has ever messaged to me: "Eng win by 2 wkts". That was the message I was hoping to hear from him.

Both of us had been following the Ashes in England, and communicating via MSN as the match progressed. I was on CricInfo, which seemed to have an over delay, while he was watching it on TV, so could often update me before CricInfo.

I logged on, and it had 'Warne and Lee delay England'. And I was like - oh s*** - here we go again. Thoughts went back to that Champions Trophy game, last year, as England snatched defeat from jaws of victory to Windies' last two wickets.

Yet soon the message popped up, "Warne gone." But even as I waited for that other message, the end seemed inevitable. Slowly, run by run, Australia chipped away at the target. With finally 3 remaining to be had, and all Aussie supporters on the MSN chirping away, CricInfo frozen, the refresh button looking weary, and the TV blaring out the IND - WI game to an empty audience, the Ashes came alive.

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