Friday, August 19, 2005

Thoughts On A Rainy Friday

I love when it rains in the week*. The rain reminds me of my childhood vacation days in Bangladesh. Our school vacations coincided with the summer/rainy season there, and many a callous day would be spent sitting on the front porch of my mama's house listening to the pitter-patter of the rain, without a single worry on the mind. Ah - the late 80s!

As I sat at work, programming a trending application on a Friday afternoon, my winamp playlist suddenly started to play:

'Ei meghla dine ekla, ghore thake na go mon

Kache jaabo, kobe paabo, ogo tomar nimontron ...'

and I thought, what an appropriate song for the day! It is funny how our minds develop - as a kid I would never listen to Bengali songs that my parents used to listen to, but now as a young adult, I find many of these songs have deeper meanings. No wonder they appear timeless.

"Elo Barosha je shoho ..."

* (as long as it's not a weekend and I don't have anything planned, besides, don't have to water the lawn)

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