Friday, December 30, 2005

2005 - My Year In Review

From a personal viewpoint, 2005 did not carry much significant milestones. The year began with me in Bangladesh, playing the role of a tourist. I returned to a snowstorm and project deadlines in Canada. All that snow proved good as I organized a ski trip for the BSA in February. In March I bought a new car and sold my old one. In April, the winter finally began to recede and we started to shed our parkas and slip into lighter jackets. Rumana organized an indoor BBQ. The Canadian government got involved in a corruption scandal, and I wrote about how similar Bangladesh and Canada could be.

In May, winter made a brief reappearance for the BSA trip to Wonderland. Miss Canada became Miss Universe.

Summer hit Toronto full blast in June, with temperatures heading above 40c. I worried about making parathays and finally got my degree framed. I sort of got the hang of cooking. BANGLADESH BEAT AUSTRALIA. Noha got married. We caught 150+ fish.

July began with the amazing story of the power supply at the Bengali mela in Dentonia. London won the right to host the 2012 Olympics, and my post on cruel fishing practises was picked up by Rezwan. Behold the Supercycle Watering Stand.

Come August, came the Miracle at Pearson. England won an epic Ashes test match, and gave me my picture of the year. The ineptitude of Toronto's planners bugged me, oil prices crossed $1.00, and I went to Deep Space Nine. Anyone residing in Toronto cannot forget this storm, and I drove through it.

As September began, Americans began to fully comprehend the disaster that was Katrina. My post on US and Katrina made its way across various blogs and forums. Shariah law was quashed in Ontario, a position I supported. England finally won the fantastic Ashes series. Ramadan began in October amidst God's October Surprise. Someone told me Toronto ROCKS, and why. An earthquake happened in Pakistan, with some people claiming it was God's punishment. A story about Iftar Parties, and why certain uncles give us no respect. The K-man got married. My post on Eid Party Games proved popular.

A pretty boring November followed, lit only by the Usual Suspects reunion. I found out what NOT to do in the gym (if you don't want to be considered gay that is). Someone stole our Green Bin (read Behbood's hilarious comment), and our elections began (God, is that how long ago that was?).

December was a time of Christmas parties, discussing doctor-seeking aunties and arranged marriages, 'caught-doing-wudu' tales and RIS (days 1, 2 and 3).

HAPPY NEW YEAR 2006 to all my readers.



Aisha said...

awesome year end review! I'll have to remember it next year since I already did a different one, ah well! Happy New Year to you too.

Zainub said...

Hope you have a great next 12 months Mezba, been a mixed year for me, but one I am unlikely to ever forget.

Anonymous said...

Yes, indeed a great coverage on this year. So much has happened, YET it looks insignificant. Well, lets hope the new yr brings great loads of joy and happiness to everyone.
On an other note Mez, someone stole our GREY recycling bin the other day... Wonder who did it and for what? ;)

Anonymous said...

(for the last comment)

mezba said...

@Aisha: thank you. I liked the way you did yours too. Happy New Year to you as well.

@Zainub: Good luck for the Pakistan-India series. I honestly don't know who is going to get my support. All the best for the new year.

@Behbood: GREY bin? maybe they had some SHAAN MASALA to store? lol. Here's a good year to you as well.