Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Someone Stole Our Bin

Green Bin

I cannot imagine what drives some people. Someone stole our Green Bin! It was garbage day this morning, and I kept ours out last night before going to bed. This morning, as I left for work, I saw the Green Bin missing. I thought, oh, the garbage men are here already! It was raining, and I didn't pay much attention that garbage men take only the garbage, and not the bin. I mean, you are leaving for work in the morning, you are usually thinking about the traffic, your work, the weather, you know - other crap. Not garbage bins. I come home in the evening, and then it hits me.

No Green Bin. After enquiring with the rest of the household, we find out no one has seen it since morning. From experience, I know the garbage truck comes around noon. So someone came last night, after I left the garbage out, dragged the Green Bin somewhere, filled with rotten food remains, dumped the garbage and then stole it!

There's really lot of pathetic people out there. Who steals garbage? In Canada! This can only happen in Scarborough.



Aisha said...

they threw your garbage on the ground? or took it with them? Pitiful. If it makes you feel better its happened to me before and to my parents. Who knows!

Anonymous said...

A green bin is like what, 20 bucks at Home Hardware? Unbelievable. It's not just Scarborough. Someone took our blue box once, in North York. And to think the people stealing these can afford to live in houses!

- Farah.

Zainub said...

Happens all the time in Karachi.

Anonymous said...

Oh Mez, you would be surprised to know that some of these so called "THIEFS" are mainly from the South Asian Brown Community (most of who are living in apartment buildings). They have a different philosophy all together. They think, Umm...a green bin..wow...now my family can empty their dirty laundry into this bin and take it down to the Laundry Room (usually in the basement level of the old buildings) instead of carrying in a net-like basket. Look on the bright side: This green bin has wheels...so u can drag your clothes now instead of caryring it.
I have seen some cases of this insanity in some brown ppl's homes, where they have Grey Recycle Bins, Blue Recycle Bins and Green Bins (which is apparant they stole it from houses), and they use them to store stuffs in their kitchen (like Grey Bin to store SHAAN MASALA SPICES, Blue Bin to store SPAGHETTI, and ofcourse the Green Bin to store DIRTY LAUNDRY).


goBgoB said...

lol at anonymous' comment.

unbelievable and incredibly funny. what will brown people think of next?

mezba said...

Aisha, no thankfully they 'disposed' of the garbage elsewhere.

Farah, ya I have seen it at Home Hardware too. Thankfully we got a spare so won't need to buy one for now.

Zainub, interesting. In Dhaka near my mamu's place one woman comes every evening to pick up the garbage. With the ban of polythene bags in Dhaka they now dispose of it in paper bags.

Behbood, ROTFL. LOL. you made my day with that comment! I can exactly imagine such a scenario.

Ipshi, maybe we can post something on wierd things we have seen in desi homes. I know many have a No Frills trolley in their balcony or backyard.