Tuesday, May 24, 2005


Was over at Indianapolis for the long weekend. I wanted to take the car out on a long drive and see how it handles. The rest of the family wanted to visit Rumi's. We were also supposed to go to Chicago, but in the end decided not to. There would not be enough time to do the two cities, and we(I) would end up too tired from driving.

The journey was mainly uneventful. The altima (Alhamdulillah) handled wonderfully. I discovered the joys of cruise control. On the way there, since it was daylight all the way, I had no problems driving. I surprised myself, that I could drive 11 hours on the go. We took only about 3 breaks, mostly to fill up. Mom had a stash of food ready, which we partook regularly.

Indianapolis was ofcourse a very big, and boring city. There's really nothing to sightsee there. It was one week before Indy 500, so we saw lots of bikers, bikes, NASCAR type people, and a couple of practice and timing laps. Also, the lack of brown people was startling compared to Toronto. Even the Dollar Store there employed white people. My cousin, Rumi bhaia, has a lakefront property there, with a big backyard, so we had lot of outdoors fun there. Didn't get time to do any fishing, unfortunately.

The drive back was mostly fine. We hit a big traffic jam near Detroit. Apparently the construction south of the border is as mindless as here. For one hour we crept at 30 kph. Then from London to Toronto it was dark (past sunset) and it was a tough, tiring drive.

Mapping The Route

The End Of The 401

Sunset At Rumi B's

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