Thursday, July 01, 2010

World Cup Quarter Final Predictions

I have to say the best 7 teams have reached the last 8 of the world cup. Still not convinced Paraguay deserved to beat Japan, but that's the heartbreak for you. Here are my quarter final predictions.

Holland vs. Brazil:

This should be the game to watch. I still remember Branco's free-kick in Dallas (USA '94) when Brazil led 2-0 only for it to become 2-2 and then the free kick deciding it in Brazil's favour. This time, I have not seen too much flair from Holland, so I am going to give it to Brazil.

Prediction: 3-2 Brazil.
Result: 2-1 Holland

Uruguay vs. Ghana:

They didn't look too spectacular against South Korea, and I was super impressed with Ghana's physical prowess in the first half of their game against USA. Ghana needs to maintain that pace though, for the whole game.

Prediction: 1-0 Ghana.
Result: 1-1 Uruguay won on penalties

Argentina vs. Germany:

Can both of these teams win? I really liked all their games, especially Germany. Germany looks like a team and plays like a team. Each of their players seem to know where the other will be. I expect Maradona's run to end here.

Prediction: 2-1 Germany.
Result: 4-0 Germany

Paraguay vs. Spain:

Not much to say here. One team will defend and the other will attack.

Prediction: 1-0 Spain.
Result: 1-0 Spain


Anonymous said...

ha ha ha.
Brazil this time was overrated.

Azra said...

What a couple of days. Brazil's exit was a shocker and so was Germany's 4-0 to Argentina. But the best game for me thus far (and most devastating game for Africa) was Ghana vs. Uruguay. The drama!! Everyone sat on the edge of their seats holding their breath for the entire match including me (and remember I'm no soccer fan). It was epic and is definitely one for the history books for Africa.
Spot on with Spain :)

Tazeen said...

You only got one right but who could have predicted that Oranjes would prevail and Germany will bury Argentina.

mezba said...

Ah ya, got only 1 correct so far. I have to say I didn't expect Brazil to self destruct in such a fashion (didn't think they were overrated, they ARE a strong team). But with the arrogance of their fans, have to say I am glad Holland won!

As for Ghana, well even though I supported them, they HAD to convert that penalty. You can't convert a penalty in the quarter finals, in the 120th minute, you can't belong in the semis. Paraguay too found that out.

I really hope the Germans win!

mezba said...

Got two results (and 1 score) right... now on to the semis! Can't wait for Spain vs. Germany.