Saturday, July 10, 2010

The Final World Cup Post

So my friends and I were watching the Spain vs. Germany semi final. All of us cheering for Germany, we got frustrated as Spain passed and passed and passed and passed ...

"JUST SHOOT THE BALL!" I screamed into the telly.

Spain got a corner. Some guy stepped in to take the corner - and passed.

"Even their corner is a pass." I remarked in disgust.

"I think," one of my friends offered, "if Spain gets a penalty - they will pass that also!"

Alas, that was the only cheerful moment of the game for us as Spain won.

So, here are my final predictions:

Holland vs. Spain:

Spain has shown the ability to wear teams down while giving only a few chances, while Holland has shown themselves as a team to be crap for the whole game yet be brilliant for just a few chances. So this should be a cagey, but open game. Hell, Paul the Octopus picked Spain so I will too, and I think both teams are good for goals so I will make the score 2-1. Spain is definitely the better team and has better players in each position.

Prediction: 2-1 Spain.

As for the 3rd/4th game, I am writing this post a little late, but I did predict a 3-2 win for Germany on Facebook. My reasons were that both semi-final losers are a bit sad to play this game, and usually it goes to the underdog as they have something to prove. Except when they play against Germany. Here's the screenshot of my Facebook status!


Behbood said...

Can we say you are the new octupus? :) (now that you got this one right)

mezba said...

Behbood, take a look at their official celebration - they have an Octopus!

mezba said...

Link to Spanish Celeb

Anonymous said...

Hey! I linked to you on my website! Check it out:


Jennie (Gwen Styles)

mezba said...

Thank you Gwen!