Friday, June 25, 2010

World Cup 2010 - Round of 16 Predictions

Well well. Now we have halved the number of countries who came to South Africa with big dreams, here's how I see the next week happening.

Uruguay vs. South Korea South Korea looked good in their wins, and even in the game against Argentina they looked in with a chance until the late burst of goals. However, Uruguay got the X-factor who is Diego Forlan.

Prediction: 2-0 Uruguay.
Result: 2-1 Uruguay

USA vs. Ghana: Last World Cup Ghana stepped all over USA (literally) to a victory. They looked good, and disciplined, this time around. USA may always believe they are always in with a chance, but Ghana is Africa's last hope. Now if they can only find the net (both their goals have been penalties). Given that referees have been anti-US this time around, maybe it will happen again!

Prediction: 1-0 Ghana.
Result: 2-1 Ghana

Germany vs. England: The BIG ONE. England look finally like hitting their straps, and it reminds me of Canada at Vancouver, where they were playing their first round ice hockey games badly, and barely qualified, and then ran into Russia, and steam rolled them. Perhaps England are the same ... ? *hope*

Prediction: 2-1 England.
Result: 4-1 Germany

Argentina vs. Mexico: Good though Mexico has been, Argentina was in another level altogether.

Prediction: 2-0 Argentina.
Result: 3-1 Argentina

Holland vs. Slovakia: Holland hasn't played the total football we know they are capable of, yet they are getting the job done. Reminds me of South Africa in cricket, who never look good yet are machine like. Until they run into the eventual champions.

Prediction: 1-0 Holland.
Result: 2-1 Holland

Brazil vs. Chile: Brazil has their main players back while Chile have lost their first line up (or so it seemed) against Spain. Brazil should notch it up a gear (as I predicted, the game against Portugal was a yawn fest), and dispatch of a stubborn Chile.

Prediction: 2-1 Brazil.
Result: 3-0 Brazil

Paraguay vs. Japan: Did Japan ever think, even when they qualified second, that they would be facing Paraguay and not Italy? Their free kicks were really, really good and they just lost to Holland. But the South American team has shed off its traditional defensive game and played brightly. If Japan can avoid conceding an early goal, I expect them to hold out just enough for a win. That would be my upset prediction.

Prediction: 1-0 Japan.
Result: 0-0 Paraguay on penalties (5-3)

Spain vs. Portugal: I hope Spain thrashes Ronaldo (er, Portugal). Zidane once said when Spain learns how to win, they won't stop. Perhaps that will be true this World Cup.

Prediction: 2-1 Spain.

Now, what's your predictions?


Musa said...

Uruguay 2 Korea 0

USA 2 Ghana 1

Argentina 3 Mexico 1

England 1 Germany 1 (England on penalties)

Holland 3 Slovakia 1

Brazil 3 Chile 0

Spain 2 Portugal 1

Paraguay 1 Japan 1 (Paraguay on penalties)

mezba said...

Interesting games so far. Sad about England going out (and that goal not given) but Germany were the better team.

mezba said...

Musa, so far you have been amazing on some of the results (spot on!).