Tuesday, June 22, 2010

World Cup 2010 - 1st Round Last Leg Predictions 1 of 2

With two legs of the group stages already done, tomorrow sees the last leg of the group games, with matches played simultaneously, begin. At the risk of getting egg on my face, here are my predictions:

Mexico vs. Uruguay: Both teams, you can say, "got the job done" so far. A draw would see both qualify, irregardless of other results. Yet, you have to feel they would both go for a win. One would get the early goal, the other team would equalize at the end, and then they would both indulge in time wasting.

Prediction: 1-1.
Result: 1-0 Uruguay

France vs. South Africa: the game means more for the hosts, but a disunited France should still be strong enough for them. Yet, I will ignore my head and go with my heart on this.

Prediction: 2-1 South Africa.
Result: 2-1 South Africa

Greece vs. Argentina: Argentina (well, Messi really) has been absolutely fabulous. Greeks will be all out to sea here. Greeks will defend hoping for a break that will never come, and Argentina only know one way to play.

Prediction: 3-0 Argentina.
Result: 2-0 Argentina

Nigeria vs. Korea: this is a strange group, with a 1-0 win enough for Nigeria to go through despite two defeats, if Argentina as expected beats Greece. Korea, though, looked good. Though I see a 2002 run to the semifinals difficult to repeat, I would tip a disciplined and more physically fit Korea to win over the misfiring Africans.

Prediction: 1-0 Korea.
Result: 2-2

Slovenia vs. England: Even if England wins, what's the point - they are absolutely rubbish. Lightning does not strike twice and I would expect them to score an early goal through a set piece and defend it like the Italians.

Prediction: 1-0 England.
Result: 1-0 England

USA vs. Algeria: The Americans have been good, really good. If not for a refereeing call, they would have won their last match. I expect them to easily win this one.

Prediction: 2-0 USA.
Result: 1-0 USA

Australia vs. Serbia: This one is hard to predict. You would think the Serbians would be favourites, but the Aussies are a stubborn dog. Yet, if not for a handball, Serbia would be sitting pretty at top of the group, and the Australians can't end the game with the same number of players they started with.

Prediction: 1-0 Serbia.
Result: 2-1 Australia

Ghana vs. Germany: All the African teams have been terrible so far, and Ghana had the only victory, yet they never look like scoring. In fact, both their goals have come from penalties. And the Germans looked really good against Australia. I expect normal service to resume and for Germany to eliminate the last African team standing.

Prediction: 2-1 Germany.
Result: 1-0 Germany

Next set of predictions on tomorrow (Wednesday) night.


Mohamed Ehsan said...

Woah ! you actually got 4 results right and 2 results spot on ! 2 more games to go. I have an inkling the Germany - Ghana game could be a whitewash ! The Australia-Serbia game is a hard one to call indeed. The serbians' dogged defending prowess to the aussies' having more of an attacking mindset than a defensive one. I'm going for a 1-0 to the aussies with Cahill on the scoresheet !

mezba said...

Thanks Ehsan. Yes, it has been fun following this World Cup with its share of upsets. More interesting matches coming up tomorrow.

Az said...

Ha ha, this is fun stuff. Bet you never thought SA would beat France eh? :) Nice to see how it all plays out. Can't believe Italy is gone and was really sad with Algeria too but for completely different reasons ;D

mezba said...

Azra, it has been fun! This World Cup has been great for the neutrals and those who like upsets.

I actually did predict a South Africa victory (got the score right too!) because France is simply too disorganized a team under an awful coach to be of any threat.

I am just sad that South Africa couldn't make it!

Az said...

Oh I see that now! Wow, you're good!! lol. I guess most in SA are also sad that we didn't go through to the next round - especially since we came so close (that third goal we needed missed by, like an inch!) - but I think now that Italy is out, people don't feel so bad lol!

mezba said...

Azra, I work near the Italian part of Toronto and I can tell you there were many sad faces here and looks like the World Cup is not happening going by these guys. For me, I am happy Italy is out as I have never liked their defensive play!