Sunday, June 20, 2010

Waving The Flag

The Wife and I recently met up with the charming Organica, who was visiting Toronto. Organica remarked she found it amazing that how many people were flying the flags of various countries participating at the World Cup from their cars. It wasn't like that in her home town. Indeed, of all the places I have visited, New York included, I don't think any city comes as diverse as Toronto.

Every four years when World Cup comes around you will see all the flags around Toronto. Some have two, three or more. Here's the post from the last World Cup.

At this time you will hear some radio commentators lament the flag that people are not flying two flags, one of the country they are supporting (mostly of their country of origin) and one of Canada - especially that Canada Day is so close.

They are mostly losers who have no love of soccer and in typical right wing mentality think that only waving the flag entails patriotism. I say fly whatever flag you want, and fly it proud! Now where's my Brazil flag?

It's a pity the South African flag won't fly much longer, unless the remarkable happens in their match against France

I usually support England, but with the dreadful way they are playing, even if they win the group and qualify, what's the point?

Lot's of support for Italy in Toronto. Lovely people, lovely country, but boring style of play for me. I want them out.

Now this sight you will never see in Bangladesh. Either you support Argentina or Brazil, not both!

Who are YOU cheering for?


sobia said...

Woah that is really weird! Over here every sixth car (I counted0 has an England flag and if you were to have any other country there's be hell to pay for! It doesn't even matter that England are playing absolutely shite!

mezba said...

Sobia, I guess a similar situation here would be during hockey playoffs you won't see any flag other than a Maple Leaf flying from cars.

As for England, I don't even know what happened to their game. They were so good! I was never a fan of replacing Terry as captain anyways. That was his social life, it didn't affect his on-pitch performance.

Dave said...

Mezba, interestingly Emaar Dubai has banned the flying of national flags (other than UAE) from their buildings (refer to Seabee's Life in Dubai blog).

I think just because you have adopted another country as your homeland doesn't mean you have to give up your heritage, or the right to support another country. My country will soon bow out of the world cup too and then I might have to support Ghana if they remain in it.

Muslim Girl said...

I haven't watched too many games, but I also like the fact that you see people supporting SO many different flags. Toronto is diverse. I always wondered whether other places would be as much... but guess not!

Zany said...

This post made me miss Toronto :(. Over here in Orange County I only see Mexican and Lakers flags.

Suroor said...

So cute :)

I'm still cheering England, of course :)

Yawar said...

That car with the Argentina and Brazil flag is mine. Nah, just kiddin' :-) But seriously, I'm loving both Argentina's and Brazil's games. Guess there's a reason why they're the favourites!

'liya said...

Well I have my South African car flag up and will keep it up till the end of the cup. My parents have a South African flag on their car and my sister has one on her car. It was interesting seeing them all parked in my parents driveway on the weekend. I should have taken a pic :D

Organica said...

Aww! The pleasure was all mine!

I am cheering for Egypt ;)

mezba said...

Dave, will have to take a look at that blog. It's so silly to ban the flying of flags! It does mean absolutely nothing to anyone else and harms no one! I hope Ghana remains standing, yet seriously all the African teams have been disappointing, in particular Nigeria and Ivory Coast.

Muslim Girl, not even New York (which is now more and more Hispanic - just like the USA). Toronto to me remains the most diverse, you can get good restaurant of ANY ethnicity here!

Zany, well at least you have the good weather! :-D

Suroor, we will see after the Slovenia game. ;-)

Yawar, today's game by Brazil against IC was absolutely breath taking. They took them apart! Many people are talking about them as the champions already, but the cross over games in round of 16 will be interesting. Brazil might face Spain!

Liya, you should have! Although I didn't see yours the day you came to the restaurant.. tsk tsk! :-)

Will you be watching tomorrow's game against the French?

Organica, ah Egypt is there in spirit! How I wish they had qualified instead of Algeria.

'liya said...

We take it off before going on the highway cause I'm cheap like that and won't buy another one if it breaks :D

(I have the wooden flag, not the more expensive plastic car one hehe)

mezba said...

Ah... I bought a cheap dollar store variety.. God knews where it is now... got what I paid for!

Anonymous said...

Long, long, long time ago, I was an avid football,yes football fan. Now, well, not so much. DH is a big supporter as he played football, as well as his dad, who played professional and so did the rest of his brothers. So you can imagine, why I just let him go *crazy* with all that, lol. Anyways, he supports Germany. I used to support Italy when I was still in school, the baggio, maldini days :P sf

mezba said...

Sf, :-D

Anonymous said...

Btw, DH supports Germany, always has. sf

mezba said...

Should be fun, the next game then!