Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Man proposes, but ...

Mezba (to wife): "Honey, Bahamas is a bit expensive in February, let's do it end of April. Plus, you are not getting that much in holidays either. So let's pick something closeby, we can go for the long weekend, and somewhere cheaper."

Mezba (after doing research): "Hmm, Washington DC is not bad now. Their expensive time is in March, so February is when I can get the off season rates. Nice! And look, the temperature there is usually around 5 degrees C. Which is far better than the -20 C we will have in Toronto. Great! So, I have these other friends we can drive down with, share the car rental costs, and use our hotel points to get free nights. And this is even great, historically Washington DC hardly gets any significant snow this time of the year!"


I just cancelled my hotel bookings and other reservations. So now I have nowhere to go. Oh, if only it would get warm enough to do this:
How Do You Judge A Camel Beauty Contest


Organica said...

I am sorry. I've canceled travel plans three times collectively due to weather related conditions :(

boba said...

You can say that again. Coming from England, I thought it would be nothing, but, boy was I wrong. I'm currently half an hour away from Washington and the stupid snow has meant that I too had to change my weekend plans. What's worse, it's been five days and no one has stepped outside.


mezba said...

Organica, I never figured the south of US would get hit with more winter-like conditions than here in Toronto!

Boba, at least people are getting a holiday! :-D

Here they just wake up the next morning and drive on! grr.... concept of snow days for work has yet to come here in Canada.

Anonymous said...

Cancelling travel plans is like tempting son with a lollipop and then keeping it away for another day! :)
Hopefully you'll get to go in the next holidays.

Looks like nature is releasing her own icy stress the best way she knows over there and extreme hot flames over here :) Feeling like staying in the pool forever!

Muslim Girl said...

It's crazy how their schools get shut down for even a few inches of snow though! My cousins tell me that even if they have "this" much snow *make 2-inch hand gesture with fingers* - school is off!

'liya said...

My dad called early this morning and I was so excited, I thought he was phoning to say school was cancelled, instead he was just calling to say to drive slowly because it's slippery out.

I'm sorry you had to cancel your plans. At least you can make good use of the cheapter rates in April and it'll also be warmer! Maybe you can plan a getaway for Family Day staying here hmmm skiing or even just booking a hotel dowtown just to have a romantic Valentines and go skating?

Suroor said...

Oh :( You need something warm enough to never snow - like Dubai :)

Anonymous said...

Hard luck, man!

the crazy jogger said...

SNOOOW How I want thee!!
Just saying. I wish it was here.

Anonymous said...

heheh, ah well. I'm so glad we haven't had too bad of a winter this year.

mezba said...

Lat, it's true, we shall iA go there soon!

Muslim Girl, well I guess it's same here in Toronto when people get a heatstroke when it's ONLY 30 degrees :-D

Liya, yes, but summer's short, holidays shorter and the list of places to visit is very, very long! Also... need $. :-p

Suroor, Dubai weather right now is the best.

Miss Specs, no kidding.

Crazy Jogger, ah no thanks!

Geeki, ditto. One more month and winter's done, iA!