Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Virtue and Moir prove Golden for Canada

If Canadians coast-to-coast are going to work this morning with a smile on their faces, you may want to thank the couple of Tessa Virtue and Scott Moir.

After a day when our Olympic Committee admitted we would not win the most medals in these Games, when the US men's hockey team beat our men's hockey team in what is OUR game, on OUR ice, when our other medal contenders like speed skaters started to drop like flies to 5th or 6th places, these two not only faced the pressure bravely, they thrived on it.

I will admit to you, I didn't even know there a sport called "Ice Dancing" - let alone that it's an Olympic sport. Like anything on ice, I figured this was a Russian thing. I never watched one ice dancing competition ever.

These Games though, I have been watching everything. So two nights ago, there was the epic Great Britain-Canada curling match, and then there was ice dancing.

I watched a couple of the dances, tuned off, and then got back to it when the Canadians were on. After the first stage, called the "Compulsory Dance", they were ranked 2nd. The Russians had the lead.

And then something happened.

The second round was the Original Dance, they were smoking hot. The Russians were third, the Americans did a Bollywood thing and were second, but Virtue and Moir melted the ice with their flaming flamenco routine. And they jumped to first and suddenly, all of Canada, in need of a lift after a weekend of bad news, started to look to them for hope.

And did they deliver!

It was late night on the East Coast, just after midnight, but every television in Canada was tuned to Vancouver. The Americans, who train with us, ranked second, sizzled. Their routine was pretty good, and suddenly we realized gold would not come so easily. The Americans went to the top of the rankings.

Virtue and Moir were yet to skate, however.

And when they touched the ice the spectators gave them a rousing welcome. And, unlike other competitors, these two drank in the crowd and it gave them strength. And then they began. Their gold medal performance could only be described as a dream, so sublime, romantic, so uplifting, so serene, so perfect were they.

And when they finished, they knew, we knew... and the judges agreed - their score left others trailing in their wake. And what Canadian did not have a goose bump when the national anthem was rendered for them!

For the fifth time these Games, Canada was on top of the world. If these Games needed an Olympic moment, theirs was it.

Pictures: Toronto Sun


shaz said...

hey, medals or not, i think that our athletes are doing great. it must be a lot of pressure on them to be performing in canada.

'liya said...

Ice dancing is one of my favourite sports to watch, I've always thought it's so beautiful.

We stayed up late watching and it was indeed amazing. I did go to work with a smile on my face :D A lot of my students had stayed up to watch too!

Anonymous said...

Believe it or not,they were the highlight of the news here :) I didn't know there was such a thing as ice dancing and that curling thing like you said.I had no idea that such a sport exist! But I don't find that curling thing fun though with all that brushing! Reminds me of my clean and shine programme at home :)

mezba said...

Shaz, well medals are always good. I am happy if the athletes give their personal best. But when they flop far from that (eg. Mellisa H. in skeleton) and choke under pressure, then I get mad.

Liya, it's amazing all of a sudden how many people tuned in to ice dancing. I bet the next time they do that will be in Sochi, 2014!

Lat, wow, really? Highlight?

Here, curling is the second favourite sport of all (after hockey). And it has incredible mental strategy and intelligence built into the game (so it's not just physical ability alone).