Thursday, February 18, 2010

How to stretch a Hindi TV serial

So yesterday I was studying downstairs while my mom was watching some Indian serial.

How to stretch a Hindi TV serial into 600 Episodes:

  • Introduce some new long lost relative who suddenly becomes the most important person in the family.

  • A misunderstanding occurs between the mother-in-law and the elder wife, causing the wife's husband to tell her to leave the house.

  • The husband is some business magnate. Apparently there is no shortage of business magnates in India.

  • A new character in the shape of another business magnate is introduced. This one is a she. And she wants to make a deal (business or otherwise) with the husband over "lunch".

  • The separated wife now gets a job at ... the new lady business magnate's office.

  • This long lost relative suddenly becomes the good guy and wants to reunite the husband and wife. Or... does he?

    And the saga continues ...

    Kaalki said...

    a new director in the making for Hindi TV Serials hmmmmm !!!! (*smile*)

    nazias said...

    U forgot sending a relative to the hospital which adds 50 episodes if hospital scenes with closeup shots if everyones reactions...

    Aisha said...

    ...You also forgot the 10 episodes spent zooming in on the various "looks of shock/horror" ... annd the numerous commersial breaks that ensures the tv serial/ drama stays on for the next 10 years.

    Anonymous said...

    Yeah and the only thing missing so far is love duets and full dance performance!

    Muslim Girl said...

    Haha this is hilarious. You just reminded me once again why I do not watch desi dramas :)

    the crazy jogger said...

    Funny Funny Funny!

    mezba said...

    Kaalki, lol.

    Nazias, if only they would be as creative in the story line as they are in finding excuses to extend the serial!

    Aisha, ah those multiple looks. I always think there is a contract in the actor's agreement stipulating minimum face time which is why we have those multiple shots.

    Lat, they have those too! And copying from their own film songs to add 5 minutes.

    Muslim Girl, only Indian ones though. I find Bengali ones quite ok.

    CJogger, thanks.

    Mamun said...

    Bidaai rite??
    Yea, my mom and sister are hooked on it. Last week my Mom was working in the kitchen and trying to watch it at the same time. From where she was working, she didn't have a clear view of the TV and was just following the show by listening to it.
    There was a moment in the show where for about 10 minutes they did the camera switch from face to face thingy and played out this music sequence. So obviously I was getting pissed that my beautiful TV was being used to watch this garbage and changed the channel. As soon as I did that, my Mom yelled out at me that she was watching it. So I said ok, I will let you watch it if you tell me what is happening right now (They were still doing to face to face thingy with the music playing). Right away she said that
    * The husband is thinking about this business problem... so he is giving this being involved in his own thoughts look (to me it looked like he was trying to decide if anyone would notice if he farts)
    * The boss is really impressed with the guy and is giving him the lookup. (I have to figure out 100's of bugs each day.. wish someone would give me the lookup :( )
    * Finally the ex-wife notices the way the boss is looking at the husband and has the helpless look on her face.

    I just walked out of the room and let one of the most loyal fans of the show watch the rest of it.

    Anonymous said...

    They got those already! Oh My! Thank God the tamil serials are slow to pick up on these.I guess being backward has it's bliss,afterall :)

    Anonymous said...

    I just came back from visiting and everyone is hooked on hindi tv serials, no one talks or does anything when these serials are on. Tried watching some and it drove me nuts! The evil grandma does things and no one *sees* them, Gah!! I gave up!! You should hear them discussing the previous episodes *rolls eyes*. LOL! The close-ups for each person's reaction is just hilarious!!!!!sf

    mezba said...

    Mamun, I think it was Bidai, or the one after.

    Your comment's pretty funny lol and left me laughing.

    I do now think of it, offices and how they are portrayed in Indian tv is pretty unreal, at least in North America. In India, I don't know how it's done.

    Lat, hahaha...

    Sf, evil grandma, oh yes... I am yet to meet one of these actively evil grandmas in real life, one would think they would lie in some corner rather than fussing about who did what!

    Rolling eyes is right!