Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Top 10 Things A Muslim Loves About Christmas

1. It, really, IS a wonderful time of the year.

Even though it's not my celebration, it's nice to see everyone around engaged in spreading the holiday cheer, in a festive mood, smiling and focused on charitable acts.

2. The decking of the halls with boughs of holly.

Let's face it. For 11 months of the year we work in bland offices which bland colors on the walls, with our streets wearing a faded look. Suddenly, it all comes to live with the colors of green and red.

3. Cavalcade of Lights.

Not only does it look great, and City Hall does put out fantastic light shows and fireworks every weekend, but it's not a bad time of the year to put on some skates and go around the rink to the sound of some lovely music. It's not too cold, it's not too windy, and it's nothing a cup of hot chocolate can't put right!

4. The malls. Shopping. For self.

While the idea of shopping frenzy in December ("only x shopping days left till Christmas" ads notwithstanding), non-Christians have it really good. There's all this discounts galore, and you are really buying the perfect gift for the perfect person. I mean, I know EXACTLY what I want.

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5. The decorations.

I grew up in a place where a 'good' decoration meant LOTS OF LIGHTS. Lights in the shape of the glorious leader's portrait. Lights in the shape of the leaders flags. Lights for no reasons at all.

So it's nice to see some of the creative lighting they put up at this time of the year.

6. The carols and the music.

What's Christmas without the music? If there was any doubt about the power of music to set the tone and soothe the soul, this is the time. Honestly, Jingle Bells doesn't get tiring. It's nice to see people smile. It just reminds you of number 7.

7. The 'Holiday' Parties.

There's the company party. Then the department party. Then the subdivision party. Then there's the office party. Finally there's the IT group's party. Of course, I am leaving out the alumnus party, the neighborhood association party, the union party ...

8. The "Leave the project till New Years" thing.

Um, no comment on this one.

9. The Holidays!

Let's not forget - not only do people NOT work during work time, but they also get time off work! That's always a plus in my book. I mean, I am always up for any holiday by any religious group - as long as it gets everyone a day off work. On that count, Christmas rules.

10. Boxing Day and New Years Eve.

Technically, this is after Christmas, but hey, it's something else to look forward to. And I love that song Auld Lang Syne.

Happy Holidays and Merry Christmas to all my readers.

PS. Honorable mentions for this list.

1. The annual Happy Holidays vs. Merry Christmas rematch.
2. The "are you visiting Bangladesh this year" questions every December.
3. Reindeer noses.
4. The spate of children's movies on TV.
5. Hot chocolate.


boba said...

I beg to differ on points 4 and 6.

4: Try working in a busy high street shop. The shopping queues make me want to gouge my eyes out.
6: Ditto above. Having to listen to Mariah Carey's 'All I Want for Xmas' 10 times an hour makes me want to strangle her.


Safiyyah said...


True! All of it!

'liya said...

I love the pretty decorations in the malls (but not the crowds) :D

Oh and I love getting gifts from students - yay, present time! One of the nicer parts to being a teacher hehe.

Muslim Girl said...


Suroor said...

I love Christmas! A lot.

Anonymous said...

You sound extremely happy listing all that Christmas brings. I didn't know you had so many parties at this time of the yr!

Here only 1 day off is given to holidays.Be it Eid,Deepavali or Christmas.We always treat the holidays special and enjoyed it to the best!

Happy Holidays to you!

mezba said...

Boba, I guess if you are in the retail industry it's different, eh? :-P I went to the mall today (Dec 24) and it was a mad house! Luckily I got parking near to the mall and when I was leaving two people started arguing for my spot.

Safiyyah, wasa!

Liya, I love getting gifts, any time! lol...

Muslim Girl, oh that should have been an honourable mention.

Suroor, I know!

Anon, oh there are tons of parties. I only attended a few of the ones I got invites too!

We get around 2 weeks of holidays.