Thursday, December 24, 2009

Ho Ho Ho

I was at Walmart (yes, seeing if they have deals on Lego specials), and then I overheard this conversation.

One middle aged Caucasian man, with a deep baritone voice and handle bar mustache, talking on his cellphone.

"Hi Johnny, this is Daddy. Listen, I just ran into Santa Clause ..."

"Yes, Santa Clause. Remember the chair you wanted? He has two chairs, blue and white, and he is asking me which one to bring for you."

"Yes, it's Santa Clause. I met him at the mall. Yes, he is standing in front of me now."

"No, you can NOT talk with him. He is very busy."

"Yes, I know it's not Christmas. He wants to get you the chair FOR Christmas."

"LOOK! Do you want the blue or white chair? OK, good.. I will tell him you want the blue chair."

The question I had after overhearing the man was this: in today's multicultural society, how do you keep the truth about Santa hidden from your kids? I mean, as soon as I have a kid and he or she goes to school, I am going to tell my kid to find all the Christian kids in kindergarten and tell them Santa is a myth (yes, I might have a mean streak! :-P )

A car, decorated for the season, at a parking garage

So, if you are reading this and Christian, first, Merry Christmas, and second, how old were your kids when they found out about Santa?

And to everyone else who's in Canada, get ready for Boxing Day!

From a party at work!


Muslim Girl said...

Haha this reminds me of the time in grade six when I told a girl that Santa Clause wasn't real and that her parents lied to her... and at first she kept denying it but then slowly she started blubbering and stuttering and then eventually full-out cried.

Well, it's like they say: truth hurts, no? :P

Achelois said...

There is something magical about Santa and Tooth Fairy and I think every child is different. I used imagination a lot as a child and I am still resentful that my parents never tapped on it and never told me to believe in anything mythical. We weren't told about Santa or Tooth Fairy; not even Unicorns. The only unicorn I ever heard about was the Buraaq!

My children are Muslim but they believe in Santa. The oldest one doesn't anymore but until last year she believed in the Santa and the Tooth Fairy. The youngest is too little but the middle one truly believes in Santa although Santa never brings him anything :)

There is no Santa Claus in Christianity. No fairies or unicorns. Not even Jinn. It is a completely secular idea. It is a pain for a lot of parents but like my children believe that whatever they ever get it is from Allah. God has given their parents the ability to give them presents and goodies. So while there is a Santa who gives them presents in a mall, it is because their parents first buy a ticket with their money for the Santa visit. And if they are bad, mum and dad will not but the ticket! Thus if there is anyone deserving of their gratitude, it is Allah. They must only thank Him for everything from toys to food.

It is a fact that children whose imagination is fed in a healthy manner excel in productive skills. Just look at any successful inventor, discoverer, musician, writer. Their imagination is rich and pregnant. JK Rowlings being the best example. Everyone reads/watches Harry Potter. That is human nature – love for the mythical – whether you are a child or an adult. Now how you tap your child’s imagination is up to every parent which should be an informed decision.

Anonymous said...

I like your comment Achelois!

I think children will know about the truth of Santa's being one way or the other.I've always been a dreamer.So I don't mind if Santa comes in my dream esp as Hugh Jackman! I won't even mind the long beard! I'll accept him as Santa as long as I live :) As for the others,dumped them!

'liya said...

I'm looking at your picture of the Santa Claus house - which mall is that from? Have you seen the one in Square One? It's very flashy and exciting :D The one at Eaton Centre sucks. Maybe they think the big tree makes up for it.

I'm ready for my Boxing Day shopping, not that I particularly need anything, but you never know where you can find a good deal. My shopping will take place at the two malls named above :)

Jerome said...

An interesting coverage of Christmas in Toronto.

Please keep up the good work.

Safiyyah said...

Further more: I always tell them that Jesus wasn't white.

geekisiddiqui said...

I really like and agree with Achelois' comment. And while its a joke I don't like your comment about telling kids there's no santa. Let the kids have their fun. A bit more innocence in kids these days would be good :)

Ahmad said...

Despite the fact that I forbid her to talk 'Santa' with her friends, my six year old already has bursted all of her friends bubbles that Santa isn't real.

mezba said...

Muslim Girl: there was only one Christian guy at our school and he knew straight off the bat that Santa wasn't real. So we, er, missed that fun.. :-P

Achelois: I never had a tooth fairy tale. I was told we will take your tooth out, you will get a new one, and chocolate! So I was happy.

I did read a lot of fantasy books and children's books as a kid (and continue to read a lot as an adult) and have a vivid imagination, so while I knew that there is no Bunny Rabbit kingdom (or whatever book I was reading) it was fun to imagine it was! But even though I knew the truth it didn't take the fun out of the mythical and magical stuff.

So I don't think it's necessary to lie about Santa and the tooth fairy - there's enough magical stuff in religion about angels and devils and jinns and as you say - Buraq!

Lat: What I am wondering is how this Santa idea works in today's diverse societies. The non-Christians all know it's a fake. Don't they spill the beans? Looking at my first comment ...

Liya: this one is from Scarborough Town Center. Have not been to Square One Mall in ages - it's so far! Eaton's ... well they are going through a recession! I think this year all the mall decorations have been toned down a bit.

Jerome: welcome to my blog, and have a happy new year.

Safiyyah: yup I think that's the biggest myth about Christmas (in addition to the date itself) but it's all iconography now. Buddha similarly isn't Chinese (although all paintings depict him as such) - Buddha was Indian!

Geeki: While I would never go personally telling kids there is no Santa... but I can't take responsibility for other kids in the know! :-) as I said.. it would be interesting to know what happens in those schools.

Ahmad: lol.

Looks like I have the answer to my question.