Thursday, December 03, 2009

Fun with Lego

I found an old bag in an old box the other day in storage, and was mighty surprised to see it contained various Lego pieces from my childhood!!!

That was the whole weekend spent trying to build things from memory and with missing pieces and no instructions. I even went out and got a couple of new sets. Here's one from more recent times.

So Indiana Jones and Marion Ravenwood are taking a walk in the markets of Cairo, Egypt.

Everything is great. The weather is sunny, there is even a wagon full of hay, and a barrel full of apples, some of which are in display at the stall. What could go wrong?

Oh no! Marion is suddenly attacked by a masked avenger!

While another fellow pops up to charge at Indiana Jones.

Marion manages to stun her attacker with a blow to the head with her frying pan ...

... while Indiana Jones uses his trusty whip to foil his attacker...

But there's more of them!

Sometimes, it's better to beat a hasty retreat.


Muslim Girl said...

All I have to say is LOL

mezba said...

Alas! Girls just don't get it! :-P

'liya said...

I LOVE Lego! It's the one toy V and I both agree we will have to get our (future) children whether girls or boys :D

mezba said...

Lego is for everyone! And all ages.

Muslim Girl said...

I have never in my entire life played with lego and it just doesn't appeal to me... Is that bad? :P

Anonymous said...

OMG! Never knew I'll watch an Indiana Jones adventure in Lego! Hahaha! That was awesome!

Sons play with them.Me never!!:D

Abu Pokemon said...

That is awesome. I just joined the foray into Lego blogging.

mezba said...

Muslim Girl: you should get the Pirate ship right now! I think Lego has sp,ething (pink) for girls too.

Anonymous: I think I got my first set at 5. I wouldn't let my sister touch my Legos.

I think nothing has changed yet!

Abu Pokemon: welcome to my blog. I will take a look. Why Abu Pokemon?

nadia said...

Very creative, Mezba!

geekisiddiqui said...

haha good stuff. Lego is timeless :)

mezba said...

Nadia: thanks!

Geeki: it is indeed.