Saturday, October 17, 2009

Thanksgiving Dinner

Thanksgiving Day is a North American tradition. In olden days, it was a time to give thanks for the harvest and express gratitude in general. Today, it is a holiday celebrated primarily in the United States and Canada. Families gather together, a large bird (turkey) is cooked, and it's a holiday for family reunions and joy.

Our Thanksgiving in Canada occurs much earlier than the US one. This year it was on the 12th of October. When we first moved here, it was very difficult to find a halal turkey. Either you had to go to a farm and slaughter one yourself, or you had to go to the Jewish corner to get a kosher turkey. Soon, it started to appear at select No Frills and Food Basic stores. Now it's very commonly available, and many halal meat stores have it. So our job of procuring a halal turkey has gotten much easier.

Last year, we got freshly slaughtered turkey delivered from the farm, and it was cooked immediately, and was really yummy. This year, the farm wasn't delivering to our area, so we got one from the store.

You have to let the turkey thaw on its own. Ours was a 13 lb turkey, so it took a day to thaw!

The next job is to thoroughly clean the turkey.

After it's washed, the turkey will be marinated with various stuff, and then placed in the oven.

While it's being cooked (takes 2-3 hours), one prepares other types of feast (after all, you need to show you have a LOT to be thankful for!).

So I tried my hand at making pizza.

It turned out somewhat round!

I also had some dough and toppings left over, so that made the 'left over' pizza!

This was how that turned out.

Of course, the evening is not complete without some dessert! We made muffins.

Meanwhile, as all this is being done and family members gather around the dinner table, our turkey is now done.

Too bad it was devoured before we thought of taking its picture!


Safiyyah said...


Suroor said...


I gave up expecting only zabiha meat this summer. It was the first time in my whole life that I ate non-zabiha meat. Tastes just the same :)

Loved all the yummy stuff you guys made!

Anonymous said...

Who woulda thought Mezba would put up a house-wifey post. :P

The food looks awesome, though! Tell the truth, then. How much of it did you ACTUALLY make? :P

mezba said...

@Saffiyah, I think Thanksgiving is one of my fav holidays :-)

@Suroor, you should watch this film called Food Inc. You will never look at non zabiha meat the same way again!

I was always used to eating non zabiha outside of Toronto, but was pleasantly surprised at how easy it was to stick to halal only during my trip to Europe. Although they don't have the diversity of halal options we have in Toronto, surprisingly.

@Missspecs, I made the pizza! You should check fb album for more proof! :-)

Anonymous said...

Ohmygosh, that pizza looks yum.

Farah said...

Cheat! Where's the final picture of the turkey?

That pizza looks positively delicious!

cairo, lusaka, amsterdam said...

Wow, all of that looks so yummy! Especially the muffins!

'liya said...

V needs to help out in the kitchen more, I should show him this post :D

mezba said...

@bobablogs, thanks! Would you believe it took 3 people 10 minutes to finish that first pizza!

@Farah, no turkey picture. It was finished before I realized I can make a blog post out of this!

@Cairo, the muffins really tasted good - but I think anything with whipped cream is good! :-)

@Liya, check your email for more fodder!

Abid said...

we had a feast ourselves!

Anonymous said...

The food looks superlicious! The muffins are my fav!

I believe there're some who do celebrate Thanksgiving is it basically secular with no religious connotations ?
How relevant it is to these people,only God knows :)

Muslim Girl said...

Lol it's okay if the pizza isn't round as long as it tastes GOOD!

Tazeen said...


i kinda like the concept of left over pizza :)

Abid said...

lol what's JUENE DE HALAL?

french fail!

mezba said...

@Abid, ya? post about it! :-)

@Lat, I think it's a secular holiday, as far as I know. Nothing to do with religious conotations unless you make it out to be.

@Muslim Girl, haha... true! oh it was gone in minutes.

@Tazeen, I should patent that concept.

@Abid, I guess it means halal turkey!