Friday, October 09, 2009

Ban the Queen!

I think this lady should be banned in Canada. She has nothing to do with the Islamic faith, and she represents a mode of control over female (as well as male) Canadians. She is a political symbol, a relic of the medieval times and a culture that is from a foreign land.

Of course if you read my satire closely you will see I am almost using the exact words Tarek Fatah uses in his National Post article, as well as the Muslim Canadian Congress in their press statement.

Recently there's a big hullabaloo in Toronto because not only did some Shiekh in Azhar University call for banning the niqab, the Muslim Canadian Congress, Tarek Fatah's former organization, called on the Canadian government to ban the niqab in Canada, saying it's not part of Islam.

Now the media is playing it up but they should do their homework. Hardly any Muslim in Canada listens to Tarek Fatah or his MCC. No one cares about them. On every position their views are so out of whack with the general Muslim populace that they can hardly claim to speak for the average Muslim Canadian.

Second, the idea that potential bank robbers can use the niqab to do a bank robbery and not be identified is present in Fatah's article. To date, there's ONE such robbery (and it was a man!). On the other hand, countless bank robberies have been performed in shirts and pants. They cover a part of a person's identity too! Let's ban shirts and pants.

While we are at it, no one should enter a bank wearing a sun glass. It hides your eyes. Also, in the winter, you cannot wear a scarf around your neck or a monkey cap, even if it is -40 outside. You MAY rob a bank, I don't know. I also find the idea of cycle helmets, especially motorcycle helmets, offensive. I can't see your eyes if you are riding a motorbike on the road! How can I make an eye contact, as referred to in my G1 manual? A motorcycle helmet is preventing me from following the law, as well as concealing your identity, so let's ban that as well.

Finally, when I go skiing, I don't want anyone to wear a ski mask, ski helmet and ski goggles. I can't see who you are when you are skiing. What if you bump into me, how do I recognize you? There's a bank at the ski resort, what if you rob it?

I think we should ban stupid people.


TahaManiac said...

word up to taht, mez bhai :) .... i think this niqaab ban is whack

mezba said...

Taha: in the interests of disclosure this was my article sometime back in 2006.

Jack Straw's Comments on the Veil

Amazing how people's views can change over time, eh?

Although it must be said I never wanted the niqab banned, I just wished people would stop wearing it on their own (and still wish the same). But if a women wants to wear it of her own free will, who are we to impose our own will on her?

urzheer said...

hahah...@ banning stupid people...good one!
well written :)

Suroor said...

Interesting points. I agree with your pov in essence. It is always those who are 'deciding' whether women should or shouldn't wear a veil who have never worn it and never will - the men.

Hopefully, women will know better even though the vast majority have a herd mentality.

rashed said...

Hahah . nice one mezba. Liked the analogy you gave with Ski resorts.

mezba said...

Urz: nice to see you here! Welcome to the blog.

Suroor: Yes, what I want to say is even if I don't agree with women wearing the niqab, it doesn't mean it should be banned - a woman should have the right to wear it if she chooses to do so.

Rashed: thanks. Yea, people forget their own examples of 'weirdness' and like on radio show host here says, 'It's always about the funny hat'.

Safiyyah said...

Ban Tarek Fatah!

eyes serene said...

I agree with you. I was surprised that a Muslim group in Canada came out with that. I was curious how much air time it's getting there... now I know. Thanks! Good luck banning stupid people. ;)

Anonymous said...

If stupid people are to be banned,how will the world come to an end! :) They sure know how to speed up the process,don't they? :D

Interesting comparisons made with helmets,ski masks and so forth.But how are they compared to niqab,a 'so-called'religious symbol?

You simply cannot wear a ski mask or helmet everywhere you go unlike niqab.So if someone enters a bank wearing a helmet then he/she is definitely a robber or something.
To me both are diff.
I esp like your shirts and pants idea.We're too late to be hanging free like our 1st parents,riiiiight? :)

nadia said...

LOOOOOOOOL ... well written, Mezba!

Muslim Girl said...

lol I agree @ banning stupid people.

mezba said...

Saffiyah: Unfortunately Tarek Fatah exists due to freedom of speech and support given by those who wants to change Muslims to non Muslims.

Eyes Serene: they are a Muslim group only in name - a collection of people who regard almost nothing in Islam as sacrosanct. On the other day on John Moore show I heard one the officials say she was even disturbed by increasing number of hijab women in Canada.

Lat: What about a toque or monkey cap in winter in Canada? We wear that everywhere we go, some would say even religiously. The fact is, in Canada it's legal to vote while hiding your face (it's been debated and upheld by the Supreme Court).

Nadia: thanks.

Muslim Girl: Unfortunately they still exist! :-P

Specs said...

Oh I'm so with you on this. Great post, well written.

A woman must have her right to practise what she chooses; I'm glad someone who doesn't support the niqab also thinks this way! Usually there are all these pseudo LIBERALS one comes across who are all for banning this or that.

Musa said...

Everytime I enter into this debate, the other side argues asking "Is Niqab complusory in Islam?"

So when I say no, they automatically take it to justify banning it...

Why cant people just say "The Niqab may not be obligatory; however its not right to ban it" ???

cairo, lusaka, amsterdam said...

Haha great post! Made me laugh :D
In Cairo there were so many news reports about banks and houses being robbed by men wearing niqab. They made it seem as if it happened constantly, and that was why we need to ban the niqab.

And yes, if only stupid people could be banned.

mezba said...

Specs: thanks. I am a firm believer in individual rights and as long as a person is not impacting another person negatively, within reason, tolerance, adjustment and compromise is the key.

Canada believes in rights of society over individual rights (contrary to USA), so personal freedoms enjoyed today had to be earnt throughout history, and one has to be constantly vigilant about freedom.

Musa: right, exactly! Lot of things are not required in Islam (my favorite: it's not required in Islam to eat a muffin, so let's ban muffins!).

Cairo: lol, if only!

Cairo seems an enigma. It's one city I would love to visit! Hope it's safe to do so.

Anonymous said...

The problem with all the other things is that people take them off when they are finished their activity. The niqab stays on until you get home.

"To date, there's ONE such robbery (and it was a man!)."
That's the problem. You don't know who is in there....

"countless bank robberies have been performed in shirts and pants. They cover a part of a person's identity too! Let's ban shirts and pants."
Straw man argument!

Sunglasses: normal people take them off inside.

"Monkey cap": the problem is hiding your facial features, not neck.

Helmets: obviously for safety....

Anonymous said...

And if you are talking about this ( then it never went to the supreme court

mezba said...


That's the problem. You don't know who is in there....
So? I don't know who's inside a helmet either. Ever watched Dhoom?

Straw man argument
And the argument for banning is ... ?

Sunglasses: normal people take them off inside.
Obviously you don't see Hindi movies.

"Monkey cap": the problem is hiding your facial features, not neck.
What's the problem?

Helmets: obviously for safety....
Niqab, obviously for safety...

Anonymous said...

Some loud mouthed people who think they represent the rest of *us*. I believe it's someone's choice to wear it or not but I don't see any representation of the niqab in the Islam. Btw, stupid people will always be there, they just make the others feel *less* stupid, lol, I guess. Btw, saw this show that one of the guys(fashion police or someone who claims to be that)said that the only person *allowed* to wear sunglasses indoors was Jack Nicholson, hehehehe. Oh, and only in canada do we have niqaabis, men and women during our winters, LOL>

mezba said...

@Anon, stupid ppl will always be here!