Saturday, October 31, 2009

Fall 2009 Photography

Leaf peeping is an autumn activity in areas where foliage changes colors. Leaf peepers are those who participate in photographing and viewing the fall foliage.

Like everyone who immigrates to Canada from the warmer climates waits for their first glimpse of snow, I too awaited the arrival of winter ever since I landed in Canada. However, I was caught unaware by the magnificence that is Fall. The colours change beautifully, the whole forest turns a brilliant hue of orange, yellow and red, and if you happen to fly above the forest you would think it had caught on fire!

I didn't happen to go out much this year for Fall photography due to various commitments, but did happen to have my camera with me for a couple of snaps while I waited for the wife near my workplace. I plan to do some more tomorrow, so perhaps this post will be updated.

A fallen leaf on the pavement really starts to symbolize in Canada that winter is not far away!

Here's some pictures from 2005.


cairo, lusaka, amsterdam said...

Beautiful!!! In Holland autumn is just as beautiful...I love walking around, and I especially love stepping on the crunchy leaves :)

Muslim Girl said...

Fall is officially my favourite season, both weather and dressing-wise.

'liya said...

I love the season, the street my school is on looks especially beautiful, there's always orange and red leaves blowing around, looks like a storybook setting!

Safiyyah said...

Masha Allah; how lovely :)

mezba said...

@CairoLA, I love Holland. I visited it long, long time ago and always wanted to revisit! We were to go there this summer but in the end couldn't fit it in our schedule. Yes, I like the whole forest bed just covered with leaves. I wonder how there are so many!

@Muslim Girl, Fall is wonderful because you can wear colourful layers but the weather is still nice.

@Liya, isn't this amazing, it's November and it's still quite warm. I hope long does it last.

Yep, I just love going out to shoot Fall photographs.

@Saffiyah, indeed. I just think how lovely nature is and how amazing must be its Creator.

Suroor said...

Beautiful pictures! Thanks for sharing a bit of Canada with us :)

nadia said...

Such gorgeous colors, mashaAllah! And you've taken very nice photographs.

Rashed said...

Nice pictures. Autumn is a truly incredible season in North America, subhan Allah.

Anonymous said...

Fall is my favourite season!! Love those amazing colours subhanallah, I get goosebumps everytime I see the beauty of creation and how colourful it is. My youngest daughter loves to pick up the leaves and tries to guess the colours! Yes, it has been very mild but we are not going to have that for too long:( sf