Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Star Trek 9/10

We watched Star Trek last night. Before I go on, here's some rules for NON-TREKKIES GIRLS who watch it.

1. It's Spock, not Spark.

Aaagh! I couldn't believe it when one lady was asking her partner, "So how come there's a new Spark?"

2. Please write a ten page easy on how a guy whose face is bashed up half the time (i.e. Kirk) is considered "cute". Guys everywhere would like to know.

The Star Trek movie's awesome. Seriously, it rates a solid 9 on 10. Why the 9? Well, read the first comment if you want a spoiler discussion.

Man, are we spoiled for movies this summer or what? Last week it was Wolverine. This week Star Trek. Next week Angels and Demons. Following that week, Terminator. And then there's Transformers, GI Joe ...

I have been so lazy for the last month recently. With my exams over and studies done for the time being, I have been taking time off - and watching a lot of movies. Hollywood / Bollywood I have seen them all.

I have actually watched two Bollywood movies back to back on the same day. If there is proof that India is the new land of opportunity, Bollywood is it. It's where tacky scripts get funded, ugly people get jobs as actors or where a guy wearing more gold than Tutankhamen is a "music director".


mezba said...

I HATED the fact that this series is now in an alternate timeline. Vulcun is destroyed and the Star Trek timeline as we know it is gone. WTF.

saeeda said...

your back!! yay.

missed your posts. :)

i havn't seen Star Trek yet.... planning to see it this weekend. xD

mezba said...

Saeeda: Yes indeedy!

Queen_Sultana said...

Lol dude, I'm a girl who happens to be a bigger trekkie than most guys i know!

that being said, I too loved the movie...even though it departs from trek mythology in like the hugest way possible.

'liya said...

Wow it's been awhile since you updated!

Suroor said...

I have never watched Star Trek. Eerily I watched a little bit of it just this morning when Rayyan was watching it.

mezba said...

Queen_Sultana: it's that departure that is bugging me. We also had people (like Captain Braxton) who's a member of a Starfleet body that FIXES time line correction - so it's inconsistent to think that can't fix this. Also, a black hole is a rupture in space, not time!

'liya: oh yes, been busy!

Suroor: you should watch this one!

isheeta said...

re: king Tut reference. LOL

I once saw a pic of BL wearing something akin to the star spangled banner... too funny!

mezba said...

Ish: He is so 1980s.

Anonymous said...

I happen to see Star trek as well and Boy! Did I hate it ... !!!
I was trying so hard to find one ounce of sense that I ended up failing miserably to find any ... *sigh*
Loved Wolverine though ;-)
What Hindi movies have you seen lately ? Mind to share them ?


mezba said...

Maryam: hindi, too many to count, but only one good one - Aao Dekhen Zaren.

And that too... good is rating it too highly.

rc_cola said...

Do I get a point for knowing that it's Spock and not Spark? ... and I didn't even watch the movie :)

mezba said...

rccola: live long and prosper with the points!