Friday, March 20, 2009


One of the signs of Spring in Toronto is that people start saying on every sunny day, "Well, thank GOD winter is over. No, really, this time, I MEAN it!"

The second of course is the Univ of Toronto BSA show, which this time was held on March 14 (last Saturday) and which I haven't blogged about because I was extremely busy with some laziness.

The show was called Brittanto and it featured stores. It reminded me a bit of the movie Crash, with different stories woven together and the common theme here being karma. Overall, it was quite fun. Everyone acted really well (the performances looked well rehearsed) and while I would have liked some more songs and dances, it was quite a good show.

The national anthems of Bangladesh and Canada

The show started on time (and not Desi Time) which was an achievement in itself, although UofT BSA shows regularly start on time. And bonus, this time no one mangled the national anthems. It helps that both Bangladesh and Canada have really melodious anthems, although for some reason as soon as the Canada anthem ends I want to just start clapping two imaginary longish balloons together. Too much Hockey Night in Canada for me!

Bangladesh Idol

I like songs, singing and dancing. Bengali culture is a lot about music and so it was nice to see a bit of fun with a Bangladesh Idol setting while at the same time hear some unplugged vocals.

When I was a student, BSA was just a bunch of guys going out to ski, it's nice how big, and diverse, and multi-talented, it has become in 10 years.

Nitol Paye

This "band performance" was the highlight of the show for me. A beautiful song, sung beautifully with no fuss, just plain talent.

Fashion Show

It used to be that (and still is for some) BSA fashion shows was just a bunch of good looking girls walking down the aisle with the best desi dress they have in their wardrobe and guys in the audience hollering. Used to take guts and lots of persuasion to do the fashion show!

The UofT BSA fashion shows, for the last quite sometime, has been different. It is a choreographed skit all on its own. This year featured a mannequin! It was set in a sari store and the "customers" going through the store all feature different fashions. To me, however, it was all about this "mannequin". I had force myself to realize it was actually some one "live" but man could she have convinced me! Her performance was just outstanding.

More Fashion Show

In fact, come to think of it, I never saw any show in BSA more professionally choreographed, performed, or organized better than this one. In my mind, the show two years ago, Ujjibon, was still the best BSA show ever. I did not much like last year's show (probably because I still can't get over the anthem bit), but this year's was very entertaining and very fun. Well done BSA.

Note: Ilham has kindly put up some clips on youtube. As always, there's more on facebook.


Bengali Muslimah said...

That looks really fun. We have those functions from the bengali association of chicago as well. but my family and i stopped going because the officers are related to us and there has been drama created. =/
I miss being in a Bengali group and do bengali cultural activites.
but BSA did a good job =]

tani said...

Went to my first bsa show in toronto with this one. The skits were really funny, but I wish they had more music. Your right about the mannequin!The crowd was so large which is great but I felt a little annonymous among everyone though!

Aisha said...

busy with laziness. I feel that way lately.

Its interesting you noted, that the girls would dress in their best DESI outfit.

Our PSA in college, for multicultural day would dance to Indian songs...but representing Pakistan. d'oh.

mezba said...

Bengali Muslimah: not that the UofT BSA didn't have its share of politics but that was way before my time and I am very happy to say the current crop of BSA has been drama free and a really good example of a good Bangladeshi association for quite some time.

Yeah I like being part of cultural activities, even if it is just attending.

tani: You are still annonymous on this blog! Should have said hi... :-D a LOT of the bloggers from Toronto attended Brittanto.

Aisha: well, not much difference in clothes between Eastern India and Bangladesh. Same culture, language etc. Actually Pakistani culture, dress etc. is more related to Afghani/Farsi than Indo.

The BSA always plays Bangladesh (Bengali) music etc at all their functions and pretty much has a ban on Bollywood!

tani said...

Oh really, you all must have had fun enjoying each others witticisms! I cant say I'm much of a blogger myself, but reading others is so much more interesting

saeeda said...

looks interesting.

theres nothing like that down here... all the Desi's pretty much attempt to keep their culture under wraps.


mezba said...

Tani: We Toronto bloggers are a cool and tight bunch!

Saeeda: Aw, that sucks. Being brown is the new cool. Move to Toronto! :-D

Umm Omar said...

Interesting. Glad to hear it went well and started on time!

Anonymous said...

I just found your blog and you are quite funny :)

I'm also Bangladeshi but I live in New York. My best friend lives in Toronto though and I visit quite often (actually I'll be there next month). She went to the same Uni as you, I believe.

saeeda said...

You’ve been Awarded. =]

Behbood said...

mezu.... u have been away from the blogosphere for quite sometime now....

studying taking up too much time, i bet? /Behbood

Anonymous said...

You taking a break again Misbah? More than a month, and no blog posts! lol

britishish said...

I just stumbled on your blog... It's quite amusing and interesting to read. Great job :)
The BSA show sounds like a great time...You're lucky you've got a large enough Bengali student community to be able to put on a show!

mezba said...

Umm Omar, yep it did.

Sunehra, you have a really nice name! Welcome to the blog if you are still reading.

Saeeda, thank you!

Behbood, oh ya, exams, assignments, you name it.

Anon, yes, it was an extended break.

Britishish, thank you and welcome to the blog.