Thursday, May 28, 2009

Why did Archie choose Veronica?

Today, Archie Comics revealed that in issue # 600, fans can see who Archie will pick between Veronica and Betty, finally ending the over-70-year old love triangle.

*drum roll*

He picked Veronica! I know Obama is not worrying over this issue (yet) but Archie has been a staple part of our pop culture - and now I feel something is over... an end of an era *sob*

So, in any case, why DID Archie pick Veronica? I ran through some possible reasons:

  • It's the economy, stupid.
  • He will marry Veronica, then have Betty on the side ("best friend" *wink*).
  • Jughead was already taken.
  • Archie joined an MBA program.
  • A secret xxx-rated video featuring Betty Cooper was released on Youtube.
  • Archie wants to run for President and needs Change ($$$) he can believe in.
  • Betty moved to Canada (I always thought with her goody-two-shoes-boring nature, she was a secret Canadian).
  • Archie's no gentleman ('cos we all know what they prefer!)

    I also find it surprising when people sympathize with Betty and why everyone says she is the girl next door. Sure, Veronica is rich, but Betty is a blonde! She has a voluptuous figure, is young and hip. That's Pamela Anderson to you... whereas Veronica would be Carmen Electra. And we all know, on Baywatch, who wins between Pamela Anderson and Carmen Electra!

    PS. Pamela's Canadian too...

    In any case, the sad part is, it's now over.

    Or is it?

    *drum roll*

    Farah said...

    Haha, if it was Indian serial we would find out it's Reggie getting a plastic surgery, changing into Archie, and then killing Veronica and Betty is shown to be his lover all along.

    'liya said...

    I just wrote something about this too, "and now I feel something is over... an end of an era *sob*" - I feel the same!

    V and I were getting ready in the morning when we heard it on the news, we just kinda looked at each other in shock and couldn't believe it!

    Bengali Muslimah said...

    I love Archie! but i stopped reading the comics a few years ago. I can see why Archie chose Veronica, she was always the clever, alluring type lol and Archie is pretty gullible when it comes to pretty girls haha.

    mezba said...

    Farah: LOL! You got those right.

    Liya: have to now go over and read what you wrote. I haven't read Archie for a while and the article goes he's a college grad... I am like WHAT?

    Bengali Muslimah: you probably have the most precise analysis!

    Behbood said...

    Now that we have some sort of closure on this, watch out for Ram Gopal Verma direct a new flick, starring John (as Archie), Bipasha (as Veronica) and a blonde Priyanka (as Betty).

    Anonymous said...

    I do think I would've liked it to be Betty. I'm sad and hurt and cutting ARchie out FOREVER. Harumph

    ROFL@ 'Change' he can believe in. LOL

    What does his having joined an MBA have to do with his marrying V? *cough*

    mezba said...

    Behbood: lol, will he call it Ram Gopal Varma Ka Arch?

    Specs: when you join an MBA you have a huge student loan ...

    Anonymous said...

    I'm gonna have to go buy this now!

    mezba said...

    Geeki: So will I!