Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Ujjibon Lessons

Given Bangladesh's woeful performance today, I felt the need to write about something cheerful. So, without further ado, here are some things I learnt during our show last Friday.
  1. Do not trust a bunch of guys who haven't had lunch to deliver a couple of boxes of fresh pizza to the girls' change rooms. It just won't get there.
  2. The proper definition of adrenaline pumping is when the stagehand comes to your locker room to inform you that you have 30 seconds to your act. And you lost the drawstring that holds up your pajamas together. And the performance is a dance medley that will require you to jump several times in the air. Not to mention your jeans are missing.
  3. If you do not know how to wear a lungi, the proper time to ask someone who does, is NOT when someone is present in the changing room WITH A CAMERA.
  4. Guys can change clothes anywhere.
  5. A ten year old who knows how to work the camera will take a better video than a fifty year old uncle who keeps focusing on the stage lights for some reason.
  6. I have to remember, just because I walked off stage does NOT mean my clip on mike has stopped working.
  7. Currently listed as Missing on the "Lost and Found" section of the BSA web forum:
    1 lungi.
    1 dark pair of jeans.
    1 black pants.

    All that's missing from the missing section is 1 underwear. We are the BSA not the PSA, people! I meant Pantless Students' Association, of course.

Medley Group Dance:

Click here if the player does not show up above.

Disco Mollobi:

Click here if the player does not show up above.

The videos were shot by my brother on our digicam. Thanks to Isheeta for the help in putting them up online.


Athena said...

I watched the videos last night :D. The disco mollobi part was hilarious and the dance was better in person but you knew that ;)

few more things that I learnt:

1- leaving your hair straightener on can actually be a bad idea :P

2- forcing >20 girls into a changeroom that has no proper lights and only one mirror is a BAD BAD BAAAAD idea.

3- apparently girls can change anywhere too :@. Refer to above.

4- girls can swear like sailors when subjected to (2) and it doesn't matter even if aunties are present :S

Oi btw, I just remembered that you have cats. Did you hear about the food poisoning? Over 50 brands of cat food (and some dog food) were recalled including iams. right now dry food sounds ok but anything in a can or pouch should be avoided (esp. ones that were made bwn dec 3 and mar 6). I could be a little off as far as the dates go but check for it online :(. So many cats and dogs have died. :(

Athena said...

Oh and I was going to ask, did they have to duct tape his paijama on him? hehe

'liya said...

I'm clicking play and nothing is happening :(

Shovon said...

Looks like it was a great show!

Em said...

An interesting set of lessons indeed. 'Guys can change anywhere' followed by the 'apparently girls can change anywhere too' I didn't need to hear though, 'cause THAT sounds dodgy :).

I liked the disco mollobi skit. 'Jinn chhere dibo' ahahahahaha!! Your Noakhali accent impersonation deserves praise... assuming, of course, that you don't speak Noakhailla normally? Somehow seems incongruent with the polished online Mezba :).

I was struck by the energy of the women in the audience... you guys must've really wooed them nuts.

Anonymous said...

mez.. stellar performance!

Anonymous said...

Ah! This was loads of fun - both the videos and your post.


PS- You are very handsome, mashallah!

Anonymous said...

Athena, you scared me. Thanks for the alert.

More info is here -

I feed my cat Snappy Tom made in Thailand :)

mezba said...

Athena, You did an amazing job with your role. too bad about that straightener, and sorry about the pizza.

We tied his pajama around with some other drawstring and someone's belt. That's why they should now be on the Lost and Found section!

Thanx for the info on the catfood. We use whiskas.

Liya: Try clicking the link below the player.

Shovon:it was, thanx.

Em: I had to work hard man, on the Noakhali accent - so sharp of you to pick that up .. was it the 'ek botol haani' that gave it away? But it still wasn't perfect though, if I did it exactly Noakhali no one wud have understood!

Suroor: Could you follow the bengali dialogue... i wish you could, it's even more fun that way.

Thank you... I had to put on three layers of clothes to get the fat look for the role... no one knows :-(

mezba said...


This (the group medley dance) was the most gorgeous skit (dance) of the show. It looked great on stage live.

You can view a larger screen size video here. I put it up on the facebook group wall.

Anonymous said...

haha, aww, i had to go back and watch to note the "fat look"

youngMuslimah said...

hey mezba, can i link you? I actually did already, sorry for that..w/o yr permission..

Anonymous said...

Stellar performance, mezbA!! im sorry i missed it.

I thought the "Dhoom machaale" when your phone rang was hilarious! The group dance looked awesome too, the guys more energetic than the girls, who looked very pretty btw!

And dude, how did u even put it up online as a video with onetruemedia.. i dont even know how to do that!

Athena said...

It wasn't me who burnt her hand with the straightener but my friend :(. It was right before the national anthem too :S.

I think all you cat owners out there need to double check that list just to be safe. So far my cat seems ok so whew :D

Anonymous said...

Abdul Korrim Bhai, the camera was there by mishhtake...I still can't stop laughing bout that moment..lollll...

Em said...

Partly, yes. :)

(* within parentheses not to be published please: Mez, would you mind publishing your full comments feed (right now you're only publishing your blog posts feed)? You can go to "Settings", "Site Feed", "switch to Advanced Mode", then "Full" for "Blog Comments Feed". It saves a lot of time for us regular visitors. Thanks! *)

Anonymous said...

"I have to remember, just because I walked off stage does NOT mean my clip on mike has stopped working." Am curious, what did you say/do? There was this movie where the guy,forgot his name,goes in the washroom while the clip was still attached,hehehehe,you know the rest. sf

Anonymous said...

yo bro...congrats to Bangladesh for winning today...

having read your post about lungis, let me introduce you to a Bangladeshi brother not in TO but rather in Argentina!


mezba said...

Nowal: grrr...

Frenchita: ok...

Isheeta: thanx.

On one media shared posts page there's a button for the code snippet to post on one's blog and stuff.

Athena: ooh that burn still gives me the eebi jeebies (hope I spelt that correctly).

Shoaib: haha

Em: Sorry.. couldn't edit the comments bro.

Sf: I was about to say to another guy backstage "phew.. that went well.. " and then bitch about some technical difficulties with the sound. Good thing I stopped at "Phew"

Nazim: interesting