Friday, January 12, 2007

Three Songs And A Video

This post is dedicated to my sister. I don't know why. Just. Because.

I have a bad habit of "spoiling" songs. Make them go rotten, according to her.

You see, when I get a new song that I like, I add it to my queue on Winamp. And then I play it.


It's good if I get 3 or 4 songs, then I can cycle through that list, but when I get this one song - I play it in a repeat loop. It's just so damn good!

But then my sister will barge into my room - "Will you shut that song already?!! Man it was such a good song and now you have spoilt it!"

I guess listening to a song for the 30th time in a row does that to you.

And it's not just on my laptop. I will copy it to my ipod and play it in my car. Then I will copy it to my work computer and play it at work. It will be on my ipod as I work out. And it will be on my mp3 alarm clock to wake me up. OK so now you know why I scare off some people one more weird fact about me.

At least I am not as bad as the legendary cleaner in Dubai. People who grew up with me will know who I am talking about (let's just call him E). E used to clean everyone's houses that I knew of. He liked this one song so much (I think it was some stupid Bengali folk song called 'Majhir Lungi' or something). In those days CDs had still not come out and it was all tapes. E had a Walkman (it was those free Walkmans you get when you buy 10 Nido cans - ah free stuff of Dubai where hast thou gone?).

And E hated to press the rewind button every time for that song - so he did what any sane person would do. The whole 60 minutes of that cassette, side A and side B, had just one song, repeated a dozen times, throughout the tape. That story has become a legend.

Currently I have three songs and a video that I just can't get enough of. Be sure to get originals and not crazy remixes.

The first one is this song called "Bad Boy" from the movie Pyaar Ke Side Effects. It's a pop song - with deep meaningful lyrics. Well, as meaningful as you can get in a Bollywood item number. It's sung by Sophie, and there is this one line in the song (once you get past the cheesy "would you be my bad boy" intro):

"jo bura hai, woh dil ko lagta bhala hai"
(what's bad, this heart finds it pleasing)

Speaks to my stage of life (hah!) - tired of being the 'good boy' all the time, I want to be baaaaad. *evil laugh here*

The next song is this amazing, delightful, marvelous, fantastic song sung in a superb manner by the singer Kay Kay. It's from the film Woh Lamhe and called "Kya Mujhe Pyaar Hai". You will love it. Just the composition, music, lyrics - it's all perfect for those who are in love. The lyrics are soulful.

The final song in my trilogy of Songs About To Be Spoilt is from the new film Salaam-E-Ishq. It's sung by Adnan Sami and the song is "Dil Kya Kare". The music is good, the voice is melodious and the lyrics go well with the mood of the song. Although one line of the song says "I am in love because even in the coolness of January I get hot sweats" could be due to global warming and not because you found Miss Right.

Now for the video. This will give you a kick. Asha Bhosle and Brett Lee! Yes, the cricketer. And it's at the top of the Indian charts now!

The video is available on You tube. And when you think Lee wrote and sung the song himself, it's quite good! And yes it's in English so I am not all Bollycrazy here.

Go ahead and spoil away.

PS. And oh, I ran into one Abhishek Bachchan last night.


Abu Sinan said...

I do that as well. I will play one song over and over again, maybe dozens of times. I do it with movies as well.

As to Nido, we get that here. Sinan loves the stuff with a bit of sugar added. You also need it for things like Ma'moul.

Suroor said...

I do that too! Kids are fed up! Well actually rayyan keeps listening to one song like me.

OK, I'll listen to the songs. Can you send the youtube link again, please? It didn't work.

Maliha said...

I am kinda like that, but I get tired of it fast! So i listen to something until i puke myself out of it...

don't even know one song you, do i feel out of the loop.

khonika said...

You ran into "one Abhishek Bachchan last night"? a look alike? Details.
I was listening to Salaam-E-Ishq songs a few days ago and loved "Dil Kya Kare." What a coincidence :-)

mezba said...

Abu Sinan: You get NIDO in the States? Wow.. here's it's only available in over-priced ethnic stores. It's great for making sweets.

Suroor: You tube link for Brett Lee song? It works last time I checked?

Maliha: Do listen to the songs I mentioned, esp the one from Woh Lamhe. After wards I would be like why in hell's name I liked that song?

Khonika: You are a smart woman. But the pictures of aby baby will come up! Boy was Abhiwarya late. People just got tired of waiting.

Anonymous said...

I do that too, save the song on realplayer and listen to it while reading/surfing the net. Then my 5 yr old daughter will start singing the song too. Will check the songs you mentioned later but have to pass the latest song am listening to, hope you like arabic songs.
Elissa & Shab mami-kont fe sertak

Anonymous said...

You went to the premiere? I heard she was outside for like 2 hours without a coat!

I listen to the same song over and over...oops.

My cousin, when we were small, had Chura Ke Dil Mere taped like E. And the video on all the time when she wasn't BLASTING the infernal song. To this day it makes us all shudder to hear it.

Anonymous said...

You went to the premiere? I heard she was outside for like 2 hours without a coat!

I listen to the same song over and over...oops.

My cousin, when we were small, had Chura Ke Dil Mere taped like E. And the video on all the time when she wasn't BLASTING the infernal song. To this day it makes us all shudder to hear it.

mezba said...

Sf: I love Arabic songs (when they are good - like Amr Diab and so on). Please continue to suggest good Arabic songs if you know.

Ruby & Ruby: Churake Dil Mera.. omg what an oldie but goodie. The song started well enough but then lapsed into nonsense. Pagal huwa deewana huwa....

Anonymous said...

Dude u ran into Abhishek Bachchan???? Strange so many people commented, yet no one seemed to read/pay attention to the last line. Allright. lets hear the details now...u just didnt put that info to lay around there, now didnt u? So, mister, start ur chain of events leading to Abhishek bachchan's enounter.


Anonymous said...

Ok, will suggest more inshallah,but then it depends on what kind you listen to, there is this one,it's really nice, Akhedhni-Maak by Fadhel shaker and Yara. So did you see Aishwarya too???? ;-) Kinda slow and very soothing,hehehe :)sf

Saqi Namah said...

wow, so it seems that I am not the only person with this peculiar habit.

'liya said...

"PS. And oh, I ran into one Abhishek Bachchan last night." -
Did you pay $100 to go to the premiere????

The cover story of the Life section in the Toronto Star kinda reminded me of your previous marriage post, you should check it out.

mezba said...

Behbood: A friend first called me up at 5 to go wait outside Elgin Mills to catch the celebrities, I didn't go as I was already out of downtown. Around 8 I got a call to join some fiends downtown and guess what, we heard Abhiwarya still hadn't made an appearance. So we popped in, and just in time too.

Sf: I myself prefer faster songs when I listen to Arabic, for example Amr Diab, those that have beats. Slow songs don't do much as I don't speak Arabic fluently so I need peppy, bouncy songs!

Saqi: Good to know I am not in a club of one.

Liya: Do you mean this article?

No I didn't go for the movie. If Vidya Balan was making an entrance then I would have paid 200 to go! ;-P

dj yogurt said...

Mezba, thanks for commenting on my blog. Your blog is very interesting, and I can tell I'm going to enjoy reading and hanging out in this corner of the web.

Take care,
DJ Yogurt

'liya said...

Yes, that's the one, although now that I read it again, it doesn't really relate to what you said but it still made me think of it.

mezba said...

DJ yogurt: welcome!

liya: ya I thought that was the one. it's an interesting article, for sure.

Abu Sinan said...

Yes, we get Nido here, in ethic stores as well. But I dont think it is too expensive. You can get the really large container for anywhere fron $20-25, I dont that is too bad.

I like it with cereal.