Sunday, January 21, 2007

Depression Is ...

Has anyone listed what depression is?
Nazrul wrote a poem "Sritshti Sukher Ullashe", describing happiness,
Yet even he gave Depression a miss.

Depression is the lack of answers,
From the pious who are now taken to task,
The constants that defined the boundaries are gone,
And the sinners – in the halo of piety do they bask.

Do tauba and all is forgiven, says our Lord,
What is the use of living good,
When the ticket to heaven is just one word?

Depression is a list of names
That is slowly being crossed,
As you realized each and every one of your friends,
Is closer to truly being bossed.

Depression is the breaking of a heart,
When one is forced to say no,
The slow pause as she takes it all in,
And for the final time types "got to go".

Depression is the sound of a glass, raised in toast, clinking,
It is the sound of the final call for his flight,
Your best friend has a job in another country.
Who will you now call in the middle of the night?

The lack of creativity,
The stifling of productivity,
The rolling back of celebration,
And the all-consuming fire of envy and jealousy.

Thy name is the black spot of the heart.

Whenever I feel down, this video is always good for a laugh :-D


Suroor said...

Beautiful, dear Mezba! Beautiful!

Suroor said...

The video - Eww! :D

Farah said...

Depression is seeing a God-awful video like that on the same post as your bea-u-tiful poem ;-)

Anonymous said...

Man, that video was hilarous..
dont cry o baby dont cry..i'm just coming
and i know u are missing me

Let me give you an other site that you would laugh from the moment this video starts. :)
This is bound to erase all the depression syndrome signs in everybody.


Maliha said...

aww what's depressing you? I hope you feel better soon...

Do i dare check out the video? Hmmmm...

Maliha said...


It's worse than I had imagined.

Okay hold on while I go barf :)

Like Farah said you've just redefined depression with that one :)

Anonymous said...

Apparently today is Blue Monday as decided by someone or the other in the UK.,2933,245465,00.html

mezba said...

Thanks for the comments about the poem.

Wow, so many of you watched the video even though it was in Bengali. Ha ha! The Bengali mithun. Read the first few comments on the youtube link that people left for the video lol.

Behbood, will check out that link.

Wow ruby, I did not know that. That must be it then, Maliha.

Anonymous said...

LMAO!I just read the comments on youtube,some pple r hilarious!!! I wonder if the girl had a headache after all that crying! The chorus is so cheesy. :) sf

Sohail said...

Mez, check these Bengali movie titles out, guaranteed to get rid of the blues!

shami keno ashami
baba keno chakor
ma keno chor
rani keno dakat
bostir rani suraiya
ma er dua
rikshawala dudu mia
kala kafon jinda laash
tomar ma er kosom
bus driver quddus
bidrohi bodhu
bhalobashiya gelam fashiya
chorer bou pulish
char shotin
rokte ranga shodorghat
footpath er bhalobasha
prem er agun
dada keno fokir

- Sohail.

isheeta said...



oh sweet-tee

that is too much, this had to be the funniest video ever, forget me and samosa!

mezba, would you say the clothes were racy in bengali terms? I wasnt aware the girls actually wore jeans like that there.

Mango-Addict said...

Here I was hoping to write a few words of comfort, but now I feel it's utterly futile! If that video didn't uplift your spirits I don't know what else would. HILARIOUS find! I literally fell off my chair laughing (or loughing)!

Just a thought, Sylvia Plath wrote her best poems when she was consumed by her depression. I pray you don't reach that same intensity as she did, but use whatever creativity you can get from your misery now, since most of us want it to be short-lived :) Take care of yourself.

mezba said...

Oh no, no body is praising my poem. I am depressed people, I need love!!!

Thank you Chick.


Farah, heh, I thought that video was a nice companion to my downer of a post. And your comment mA...

Maliha, just down with general issues of life. It could be as Ruby mentioned.

Ruby, wow. I did NOT know that when I posted.

Although now I am quite perked up. Sohail's list had a lot to do with it.

If there is anything funny in Bengaliland Sohail will find it. I would have scoffed at that list has I not personally seen some of those film's paintings and clips when back in Bdesh.

Behbood hahahaha.. that is so cute.

sf, the comments were good eh, esp. about the phone part!

Isheeta lol. I thought you might find that movie funny. I am coming!!!

mezba said...

Mango hehe.. hope it's a temporary thing eh?

mezba said...

Isheeta, the clothes do appear to be a bit racy for Bangladesh. Especially that blue bare shoulder one. I mean I have seen some pretty modern girls in bd but that is a bit racy. Wow.

khonika said...

I'm feeling kinda depressed myself. Maybe its the cold, gloomy weather, you know?

Anonymous said...

Hope you feel better now,it's also probably due to the weather, some pple really get very depressed during winter :) sf
Yes, the phone comment, hehehehe!

Asmaa said...

The girl in that video was crying but her eye makeup wasn't running. THE FRAUD!

Aisha said...

I can relate to this. Very well stated. Depression is not easy to describe but you have definteily touched on something real with your words. I hope you feel better now...

mezba said...

khonika: prolly the weather has a lot to do with it but life in general was kinda low.

sf: that phone comment was the best!

asmaa: welcome to Dollywood.

Aisha: I hope you are feeling better now too.