Friday, July 04, 2014

World Cup 2014 Quarter Final Predictions

I wasn't going to continue these predictions; after all there's only a few games left and teams are very hard to call now. However, I decided to finish what I started, and since the Round-of-16 was 7 correct 1 incorrect for me, I decided to see how accurate my quarter final picks would be.

Germany vs. France
This should be a cracker of a match. Both teams are playing well and both had hard fought victories over plucky African sides in the Round of 16. Germany (then West Germany) had a tough match with France in 1982, with France leading 3-1 before Germany equalizing and then winning on penalties. Four years later, another German victory. It's almost 30 years for France, and I think this time they will get it. Why? This world cup, Germans had been playing at the same level (an excellent level) but the French - when they needed to - they could raise their game a level up. Case in point: the last quarter of the Nigeria game.
Prediction: France

Brazil vs. Columbia
Another cracker in store. They had contrasting games in the Round of 16. Brazil sneaked through against Chile on penalties, while Columbia had a great game (or rather, their star James Rodriguez had a great game). However, I don't think Brazil was as bad as everyone is making them out to be. Against Chile, especially in extra time, Brazil could have easily won 4-1 on another day. They had a legitimate goal disallowed.
Prediction: Brazil

Argentina vs. Belgium
Now this is a hard pick. On one side, I support Argentina and want them to win. On another side, Belgium played a fantastic game against USA when on any other day they would have won 10-0. Both sides have a habit of getting late winners. Against Switzerland though, Argentina looked stale and out of ideas against a stubborn opponent, while Belgium never looked like they were in trouble. However, I am picking Argentina because a) they have players of better quality than Belgium and in a game where the style and tempo is the same the quality will come through and b) MESSI. Messi has played a part in each victory of Argentina so far. Will Argentina qualify for the semi-final after 24 long years? I think so.
Prediction: Argentina

Netherlands vs. Costa Rica
The Dutch has played the beautiful game in a beautiful manner for all of one and half game. Against Spain in their opening fixture, and against Australia for a bit. After that, it has been the same ol' Dutch - dirty, scrappy, diving, and somehow finding a way to win. Costa Rica has played attractive soccer so far, but definitely they begin to tire as the game goes on and of course, they lack the quality of the Dutch. However, given that Netherlands was 3 minutes away from being knocked out last time around, I am going to listen to my heart instead of my head and pick them.
Prediction: Costa Rica

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Yawar Amin said...

Well, I took a day off to watch both the matches, and looks like the old German reliability kicked in. France just couldn't come together against it. Btw, you might enjoy this: