Friday, June 27, 2014

World Cup 2014 Round of 16 Predictions

Wow, that went fast. It seemed it was just yesterday that the World Cup kicked off. And yes, this is the best World Cup ever. The initial 32 nations have played 48 matches each, and the cream has risen to the top. As the Round of 16 begins, I see I haven't done too bad on my initial predictions.  So, without further ado, here are my predictions as the knock-out stages begin.

Brazil vs. Chile
While Chile has knocked out Spain, it would be a surprise if Brazil was knocked out tomorrow (Sat) by Chile. Scolari, the Brazil coach, has said he didn't want to face Chile, but still ... this is Brazil, in Brazil. The last two times Chile reached the knock out stages, they lost. And guess who they lost to? Brazil.
Prediction: Brazil

Columbia vs. Uruguay
Uruguay likes to get their teeth into their opponents defense, but it has to be seen if their offense has any bite left with Luis Suarez's departure. Columbia has looked good so far, and I don't expect them to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory. This could be an ugly game, heading into tie breakers (where any thing can happen), but I think Columbia has the edge.
Prediction: Columbia

France vs. Nigeria
I would have loved Nigeria to win. They have the capability to win. They have the desire to win. But then, they do this. France, unlike last time, is a happier camp and has looked the more professional team. Besides, Karim Benzema is one of my favourite players.
Prediction: France

Germany vs. Algeria
Algeria has surprised many people by being here. It remains to be seen if they have the power to knock out the Germans. They will of course have the 1982 World Cup on their minds. However, the Germans got a victory out of those pesky Americans with a clinical performance. And they won't be underestimating Algeria this time around. I really hope Algeria can pull off a shocker, but this one should be a comfortable victory for the Germans.
Prediction: Germany

Mexico vs. Netherlands
This is a lot closer than people think. Yes, Holland has played well (vs. Spain and Australia), and played dirty (vs. Chile) and managed to win all their group matches. But Mexico's no slouch either, holding off a stubborn Brazil (with their goalie being the man of the match). However, Holland is a much better team than Brazil and they have two strikers in form as opposed to one. There's only so much a goalie can do. I would love for Mexico to win, but Holland should take this the ugly way.
Prediction: Holland

Costa Rica vs. Greece
The less said about Greece the better.
Prediction: Costa Rica

Argentina vs. Switzerland
Messi vs. Shaqiri. And I think this is Messi's year. The guy has won everything except the World Cup. The Swiss will go to an ultra defense mode but Messi will not make a mess of it.
Prediction: Argentina

Belgium vs. USA
Everyone's dark horses, Belgium, has come up against the surprise qualifier USA. In retrospect, it shouldn't be a surprise, the US are a pretty decent team with a great coach. However, Belgium has managed to find a way to win, 1 goal margin wins, against tough opponents. USA however is a class above Algeria and Korea. If they can avoid giving up an early goal, they will take this.
Prediction: USA


Chino Moreno said...

Three teams for me: Argentina, Germany and Brazil.
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