Thursday, December 12, 2013

Conversations at a Bong Wedding

I attended a lot of weddings this summer. Bengali weddings in Canada are the best. We have Bengali people, Indian food, Pakistani dresses, Caucasian waiters and Arab imams, all under one roof. You can take a ginger ale and pose as if you are drinking Champagne for your Instagram. And our weddings aren't usually segregated, so it's fun, with music and masti and all.

Then there's these conversations:
Heavily made up aunty: Hey beta, how are you! I saw you when you were yeh high! How much have your grown! Do you remember me?

Me: Of course auntie! How can I forget you?

Later (to mom): Who was THAT?

Friend 1: Are they calling out dinner by table numbers?

Friend 2: Who cares? How will people in the line know we are not Table 37 and not 11?

Friend 1: Um, we are not white. That's the table that always gets called first at a brown wedding!

Twenty year old son: Dad, We can't sit here. This table's reserved!

Dad: Reserved sheserved! Dhut! That doesn't mean anything!

*turns the reserved tag upside down so no one can read it*
As I said, Bengali weddings are fun.

MCs, can you please, please, PLEASE, please not use this line:

"For Those ladies that are wondering... yes I am single."

Now that's just corny.


nadia said...

"Reserved sheserved! Dhut! That doesn't mean anything! "

This really had me laughing at loud at work!

mezba said...