Thursday, December 09, 2010

Quran for Kids (with Lego bricks) - A Reminder

If you haven't already, do subscribe to my website Teaching Kids The Holy Quran. It uses toys such as Lego bricks and others to depict scenes from the verses of the Quran. There's also an RSS feed for the site.

Surah Fil

Also, do subscribe to the Facebook page for the blog (you have to "Like" it and become a fan). I added a link to the blog on the right links bar on this site as well (under "I Also Blog At").

The new blog is visited by 50-100 people daily, and is showing a steady growth in readership stats alhamdulillah. I hope to have more fans on the Facebook page for further development of the blog.


Anonymous said...

JazakAllah for the awesome initiative. I think you should consider taking this to printed book form at some point - because a lot of people won't come on an Internet blog to see it...especially parents with young kids (who they wouldn't want to bring near a computer anyway....that could be harmful - for the computer ;)

mezba said...

@Dreamlife, thanks for the comments. Do you know any publisher? :-D I would love to put this in a book form.

Khalida said...

Salam! I'm new to your blog but I just have to say - the Lego/Qur'an inititave is an amazing idea. mashAllah, you're putting your creativity and talent to excellent use! I hope and pray that many more people catch on, inshaAllah.

p.s. *Where* do you buy your Lego? I've never seen the K'aba in lego before! awesomeness.

Safiyyah said...

Salaams Daer

Outstanding. May Allaah t'ala reward you abundantly.

Anonymous said...

Well, in terms of Islamic-related books, Goodword Publishers seem to be very good. ANd they have a lot of stuff for kids too.

The site is:

Also, there's an AUstralian company called OneIslam Productions. They mostly do DVDs I think, and have a kids division:

Both these media organisations have international distribution - so they'd be good options.

I can't think of any others right now...

mezba said...

@Khalida, thank you and welcome to the blog.

I buy my lego mostly from wherever it's on sale, and also on Bricklink. The Kaaba is just black square plates piled on top of each other - a very simplistic design.

@Safiyyah, thank you! Ameen to your duah.

@Dreamlife, thank you so much for the info. I will definitely look them up once I get a few more surahs in.

Azra S. said...

I think this is a great initiative! Hope it's successful InshaAllah.

mezba said...

@Azra, thank you!

akram said...

In top picture there are two elephants with Kaaba, reminding "Surah Feel". A nice and new technique to attract kids. I my self teach Quran for kids I believe these animations will attract kids attention. However if you can use some software to convert these images in the form of an animated video it will be more better.